4 May, 2019

Welsh Corgi League 2019

JUDGE: Mrs M H Davies


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82 (102)

Stadwen Lancelot *
Ch. Oregonean Snow Tiger
Ch. Woodhenge Star Xtravaganza
Twinan Tight Squeeze JW
Craigycor Top Model at Ceranda
Ch. Bronabay Troopin The Colour JW

1. Haresfoot Danny Boy (Nbt)
2. Elessar Royal Salute
3. Elessar Royal Tribute


1. Ryslip Spin Bowler with Ceranda


1. Orden Keltov Sprite Symphony
2. Oye-Dragoon-Willow Des Contamines at Woodhenge (Imp Fra)
3. Barawood Pandora at Giradellis (Ai)


1. Pemcader Perry Mason of Tucana


1. Aberlee Follow That Dream (ATC Aus)
2. Twinan Lifes A Blast
3. Cresent Hill-Brynlea Moon Glow (Imp Usa)


1. Haresfoot Danny Boy (Nbt)
2. Elessar Royal Salute


1. Nireno Jammy Dodger
2. Duke of Kurdal At Dewiscor
3. Pemcader Perry Mason of Tucana


1. Stadwen Lancelot
2. Meitza Erik The King JW
3. Towernaglen Red Dragon with Ceranda (Ikc)


1. Ch Oregonian Snow Tiger
2. Penliath Spanner In The Worx (Ai)
3. Ir Ch. Craigycor Viva Las Vegas


1. Ch. Bronabay Troopin The Colour JW
2. Barwal Brave Beau


1. Craigycor Top Model at Ceranda
2. Elessar Royal Trinket
3. Haresfoot Daisy May (Nbt)


1. Twinan Shake The Tree
2. Creslow Melody Maker at Cottivy


1. Towernaglen Catch A Star over Willinda (Ika)
2. Salvenik Scarlet Rose
3. Barawood Spirito Libero (Ai)


1. Haresfoot Cora (Nbt)
2. Ffancy Fach O’r Tirroedd Isel Njk’ 18 [ATC Nld]


1. Twinan Shake The Tree
2. Barawood Spirito Libero (Ai)
3. Bertley Firefly over Dewiscor


1. Salvenik Summer Rosebud JW
2. Cottivy Twelfth Night
3. Haresfoot Zena (Nbt)


1. Twinan Tight Squeeze JW
2. Woodhenge Storm Princess (Nbt)
3. Ellessar Grand Design by Jonloran


1. Ch. Woodhenge Star Xtravaganza
2. Aust Ch. Jopearl First Noelle at Breconmohr for Stadwen (Imp Aus)


1. Ch. Jonloran Sweet Juliet
2. Barwal Belle
3. Balletcor Zebus Starlight AW(B)

Mrs M H Davies


I enjoyed my judging appointment at The Welsh Corgi League Championship Show 2019. I was pleased with my entry who in general were of excellent quality. The Show seemed to have a good atmosphere. I would also like to thank the Committee and my Steward and the Exhibitors for taking my decisions in a sportsman like manner.  I wish I had 2 sets of tickets to give out!!

Veteran Dog 3(1) 1. Weedall and Bogue’s Ch Bronaby Troopin the Colour JW, Eye catching Tri, 8 ½ years old well up to size, beautiful head and expression, good reach of neck, well ribbed, shoulder slightly upright but good angulation behind, level topline, toes in slightly in front. Moves freely. 2. Aylott’s Barwell Brave Beau, R/w 10 ½ years, smaller type to 1 attractive head, correct shaped eyes good earset and reach of neck, topline a bit soft today.

Minor Puppy Dog. 3.1. Harrison’s Haresfoot Danny Boy, nbt Striking, Tri dog well up to size, lovely head and expression, good reach of neck, spirit level topline would prefer more hind angulation, but moved out well with drive. Showed well BDP  2. Down’s Elessar Royal Salute, 6 ½ months old. R/W puppy dog. Head and reach of neck good, topline soft standing and rising behind on the move this should firm up as puppy matures. Good hind angulation. Bright and alert. 3. Coe’s Elessar Royal Tribute.

Puppy Dog 1.1.  Davies’s Ryslip Spin Bowler with Ceranda, tri, Lovely head and expression, neat puppy with good shoulder and hind angulation topline soft at present but should improve with maturity. Moved very freely and well. BP

Junior Dog.  3. 1 Irving’s Orden Keltov Sprite Symphony, Attractive r/w with well-shaped head good reach of neck flowing down to a level topline. Angulation good, shoulders and turn of stifle. In full coat. Shows great promise. 2. Coulson, Camboni and Malagre, Oye-Dragoon-Willow Des Contamines at Woodhenge Unfortunately left his coat at home. Well grown r/w boy with a lovely head good reach of neck and level topline. Close call for 1st place but front movement not as good a 1.3. May’s Barawood Pandoro at Giradellis.

Yearling Dog 5. 1. Camboni’s & Malagre’s Aberlee Follow That Dream, tri dog, a real eye-catcher, ideal size, very attractive head and expression, good reach of neck, level topline, good angulation shoulder and turn of stifle, moved out with drive. 2. Irving’s, Twinan Life’s a Blast, Good head, liked his expression, good reach of neck and level topline.  Plenty of substance. Moved out well but preferred hind movement of 1. 3. Gordon & Heath’s Crescent Hill-Brynlea Moon Glow (imp USA)

Novice Dog 2. 1. Haresfoot Danny Boy 2. Elessar Royal Salute

Special Beginners Dog 1. Maclean’s Pemcader Perry Mason of Tucana, Good head and expression, level topline, moved a bit close behind, not helping his handler today.

Post Graduate Dog 4(1) 1. Thomas’s Nireno Jammy Dodger, Good type of r/w dog but not in the mood for showing today, attractive head and expression. Good bone, level topline. 2.  Cross’s Duke of Kurdal at Dewiscor, Tri dog smaller mould to 1, lacks bone, good head and expression, level topline, moved and showed really well. 3. Pemcader Perry Mason of Tucana

 Limit Dog. 9 1. Rees’s Stadwen Lancelot, took my eye as soon as he entered the ring. Smart r/w dog, good head and expression and reach of neck. Spirit level topline. Correct angulation of shoulders and stifle. Moved with real purpose. Expertly handled. CC and BOB 2. Warner’s Eric Meitza The King, Different type to 1, smaller tri dog, sufficient bone, would prefer a little more reach of neck but very attractive, with good head and expression, level topline, unlucky to come up against 1. Moved well. 3. Davies’s, Towernaglen Red Dragon with Ceranda.

Open Dog 8 (2) 1. King and Taylor’s Ch. Oregonian Snow Tiger. Attractive r/w dog, good head and expression, level topline, moves very freely and well, correctly shaped feet.  RCC & RBIB 2. Blance, Shelton & Leyerly’s Penliath Spanner in the Worx, lovely head and expression, well-made low to ground r/w dog. Good short hocks deep chest, level topline, moved well but not with the drive of 1. In excellent coat and condition. 3. Matthew’s Ir Ch. Craigycor Viva Las Vegas.

Special Bred by Exhibitor Dog 2. 1. King and Taylor’s Oregonian Snow Leopard. Good head and expression. Level topline, good angulation, neat feet. I really liked his overall make and shape. Very happy disposition. Moved well. 2. Aylott’s, Barwell Blazing Desert, R/W dog, good head well shaped ears, good reach of neck, neat feet. Unfortunately, not showing as well as usual today.

Special Not Bred by Exhibitor Dog 4. 1.Irving’s Ch Born To Be Your Salt Dog, R/W Handsome r/w dog, masculine without being coarse. Good head and reach of neck with level topline. Moved well with drive. 2. Maddox’s Redfordhill Magic Moments to Salvenik JW.  Attractive R/W dog. Good head and reach of neck, level topline, moved well, not showing himself to the best in final line up. 3.  Thomas’s Clairmar Cymro Bach.

Good Citizens Dog 2. 1. Van Eeghan’s Ch Nireno Luke Skywalker, Deep red dog, lovely make and shape, good head, expression and reach of neck. Well ribbed. Excellent level topline. Was not showing very well today.

Good mover. 2. Gordon & Lawrence’s Ryslip Thriller, attractive r/w good head, topline runs up slightly behind Moved well.

Veteran Bitch 7. 1.  Boulton’s, Jonloran Sweet Juliet, I have always admired this tri bitch, in lovely condition, good head, deep chest and well-placed shoulder, correct hind angulation, showed well. 2. Aylott’s Barwal Belle, different type to 1, smaller, pretty head, good reach of neck, level topline, neat feet. 3. Van Eeghen’s Balletcor’s Zebas Starlight.

Minor Puppy Bitch. 5. 1. Davies’s Craigycor Top Model at Ceranda, pretty, deep red bitch, attractive head and expression, level topline, well balanced, moved freely.  BPIB 2. Down’s, Elessar Royal Trinket, pretty head, good reach neck, topline level, close call with 1, needs to settle when moving. 3. Harrison’s, Haresfoot Daisy May

Puppy Bitch 2. 1. Irving’s Twinan Shake the Tree, R/w bitch, very pretty, good head and ears, level topline, moved well with drive. 2. Wyer’s, Creslow Melody Maker at Cottivy, really liked this r/w puppy as well not much between the first two although were different types, she also had a good head and expression and moved freely, today her topline sloped up a little behind

Junior Bitch 6 (3) 1.  Preston’s Towerglen Catch a Star Over Willinda, Tri bitch, good head, and expression, forechest good, shoulders and turn of stifle correct. Showed well. 2. Maddox’s Salvenik Scarlet Rose I really liked this little r/w bitch, pity she was not in her best coat today. She had a sweet head, good reach of neck and a spirit level topline. Neat correctly shaped feet. 3.May & Woodey’s Barawood Spirito Libero.

Yearling Bitch 4(2) 1. Harrison’s Haresfoot Cora, Smart, well-made tri bitch, good reach of neck, spirit level topline. correct shaped feet well padded. In hard well-muscled condition. 2. Gouweleeuw-Van Mierlo’s Ffancy Fach O’Tirroedd Isel NJK, Sweet bitch so close up to 1, attractive bitch good head and expression, topline sometimes a little soft.

Novice Bitch 3.1. Twinan Shake the Tree 2.  May & Woodey’s Barawood Spirito Libero, Attractive bitch good head and expression. Topline a little soft, slightly short in upper arm. Moved and showed well. 3. Cross’s Birtley Firefly over Dewiscor

Special Beginners Bitch 2. (2)

Post Graduate Bitch 7(2) 1. Maddox’s Salvenik Summer Rosebud JW Very pretty, feminine head, good eye, good reach of neck into a very level topline. Moved freely and well. 2. Wyer’s Cottivy Twelfth Night, Close decision here, she is a very attractive bitch with a level topline, moved well but not showing as well as she can 3. Harrison’s Haresfoot Zena.

Limit Bitch 7(1) 1.  Irving’s Twinan Tight Squeeze JW, Quality r/w bitch with substance attractive head, good reach of neck, a level topline standing and on the move. Strode out with purpose. 2. Coulson’s Woodhenge Storm Princess (nbt) pretty head, good length of neck, topline level standing but rising behind on the move. Alert to handler showed and moved well. 3. Boulton’s Elessar Grand Design by Jonloran.

Open Bitch 5(3) 1.  Coulson’s Woodhenge Star Xtravaganza, Pretty bitch, slightly sable and rather out of coat, good head, level topline, good reach of neck, good angulation, moved and showed well. BCC 2. Rees’s Aust Ch Jopearl First Noelle at Stadwen (imp Aust) Such a close contest with 1, lovely bitch, not quite the head of 1 but a beautiful girl, full of quality, good reach of neck. Level topline good angulation in shoulder and stifle. Showed well.

Special Bred by Exhibitor Bitch 4 1. Ffancy Fach O’R Tirroedd Isel NJK 2 Elessar   Design Cover Lengthy r/w good head and expression, level topline, moved well. Difficult decision between 1 and 2. 3. Aylott’s Barwel Belle

Special Not Bred by Exhibitor Bitch 1. 1. Maddox’s Ch Bertley Summer Rose with Salvenik, Attractive r/w, pretty head, good reach of neck flowing into a level topline. Good shoulder and hind angulation.

Good Citizen Dog Scheme Class Bitch 2 1. Van Eeghan’s, Balletcor Zebas Starlight Smaller r/w great personality, sweet head, level topline, moves with drive. 2. Reay’s, Jacqueilas Dawn’s Melody ShCm R/w bitch 11 years old, a little overweight, good to see the older ones enjoying a day out.


Judge Mary H Davies (ERMYN)

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