The Welsh Corgi League Handbook

Published annually since 1947

Included with full membership and published annually since 1947, the handbook is considered the Bible of the breed by enthusiasts the world over. Taken collectively, the books provide an unrivalled historical record of the Pembroke Corgi down the decades and they are an invaluable tool for anyone interested in tracking the development of the breed, both in the UK and across the world, together with its prominent breeders, dogs and bloodlines. Each full-colour edition features the following:

  • Photographs and pedigrees of UK CC, RCC and Best Puppy winners from the previous year.
  • Photographs and pedigrees of overseas Champions.
  • A complete record of UK Ch. Show and Section Open Show results.  
  • League points cups winners including Pembroke of the Year. 
  • Top Sire and Top Brood listings.
  • Obituaries of UK Champions. 
  • Varied articles featuring, for example, prominent breeders and influential Sires and Broods. 
  • Colour adverts from member breeder/exhibitors/owners from around the world.
  • Committee and Section reports.
  • A full directory of all current League members.

All members and breed clubs from around the world are welcome to advertise; details of format, deadlines, rates and discounts available are included with the Summer Newsletter or can be downloaded here .....

A digital example of the handbook can be viewed here.

Back-issues of the handbook are much sought after by breed enthusiasts; please contact the Secretary for a complete list of issues available to purchase using

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