Corgi Rescue

Details of the Welsh Corgi Rescue service, a registered charity
First published in the February 2021 edition of the Kennel Gazette


The Welsh Corgi Rescue Service has been carrying out excellent work for nearly 50 years now – and still charges only £1 for membership!
This service was voted into existence at the annual general meeting of the Southern Section of the Welsh Corgi League in 1972 by a considerable majority of the members present.
The membership subscription was set at £1 – at the time, the secretary remarked that it was “less than the cost of 40 cigarettes”. The membership today is still £1 – I wonder how that compares with the cigarettes!
In July 1978, it became independent and was accepted for registration by the Charity Commission. Early days saw a continual battle by the secretary, Miss Joan Wadge, to make ends meet. The tide was eventually turned with more help and fundraising,
and generous donations were given by many of the people who adopted a Corgi.
Today, we rehome both the Cardigan and Pembroke Corgi and cover the whole of the UK. All new owners become members of the service when they sign the adoption form for their Corgi. This policy was adopted so that the new owners had someone to turn to should they need help at any time, whether regarding the health of the dog, behaviour problems or something else.
A brilliant incentive for people to take on older Corgis is the ‘golden oldie’ scheme.
When a rescue Corgi gets to seven years old, they enter this scheme. Should the dog have any health issues and need veterinary treatment, then the Welsh Corgi Rescue
Service pays the vet bills. This could range from laboratory tests to first  and second opinion consultations or major operations, whatever is needed. This is a real comfort to folk who are giving up their Corgi for one reason or another, and also to those taking on a dog knowing that they will be looked after for life. We also offer a fostering service, for people who need emergency hospital treatment and have no one to turn to for help.
To keep members in touch we send out two newsletters each year with a sample of the rescue Christmas card being sent with the September issue. This is the annual fundraiser – nearly 4,000 cards were sold last year, which certainly helps towards those veterinary bills!
Welsh Corgi Pembroke rescue dog
Revel featured on our 2020 Christmas card. He too was rescued in March last year, from an elderly gentleman who in the last few months of his life fed him cake. He weighed in at 27.4kgs. Revd Joe Moore adopted him and over the summer managed to get him a little fitter and a few kilos lighter – he now weighs 17kgs. Photo by Revd Joe Moore
Corgi rescue
This is Aggy meeting her new ‘mum and dad’; she was a rescue from Wales in March 2020 and has settled in her new home very happily. Photo by Maura and Robert Maycock
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