Our Corgi World

A bi-annual newsletter for UK and Overseas members of the Welsh Corgi League


Our Corgi World (OCW) newsletter was first produced in 1962 as a bi-annual publication.

It is a membership-benefit enjoyed by members in the UK and Overseas, its goals and objectives are to provide content that is entertaining and to cater for a wide range of interests within the Pembroke Corgi world.

A typical edition will comprise of reports from the Chairman and Executive Secretary of the Welsh Corgi League, plus reports from the four regional Section Secretaries around the UK. Full results and Judges critiques from Crufts and the Welsh Corgi League shows are also included in the Summer and Christmas editions and a regular Agility Roundup piece which will increasingly include articles from overseas members. The versatility of the Welsh Corgi Pembroke means we also have opportunities to include activities such as obedience, scenting and herding aptitude events from time to time. For those pet owners who are not involved in the various competitions, there is plenty of scope to read about social activities with reports on country walks, parties, and any excuse to include photos of Corgis enjoying themselves!

The newsletter also includes reports on the Health of the breed, the Welsh Corgi Rescue Service, Discover Dogs coverage and items of Corgi merchandise for sale. An example of Our Corgi World is available to view here.

Members are encouraged to write in whenever possible on any subject that involves the wonderful Pembroke Welsh Corgi to kevin.egan@clivedenkk.com or phone 07703 544772 with news at any time.

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