The League's Principal Shows

A brief show history and Championship roll of honour

Compiled by Simon Parsons

The Welsh Corgi League’s first show was an open event held at Tattersall’s, Knightsbridge, London on April 28, 1939. It was believed to be the first open or championship show ever held which was confined to Corgis.

Judge of the 25 classes was Sid Bowler of the famous Bowhit kennel in Pembrokeshire. There were 55 exhibitors and 275 entries – note that is entries, not dogs; most would have been entered in several classes as was the practice in those days.

Best in show was Flaming Lad David and best opposite sex Rozavel Wild Rose.

Obedience classes were judged by Margaret Osborne and Wild Rose was among the winners.

Then came the second world war… but the League did hold one more open show, on May 22, 1940. Pat Curties judged and her BIS was the great Ch Rozavel Red Dragon, now eight years old, with Crawleycrow Bisto runner-up.

Once peace arrived, the League wasted no time in holding a show, and an open show in London was run by the Southern Section in November 1945. Mr Bowler was again the judge and BIS from 113 dogs was the puppy, Crawleycrow Token, with Bud of Bentra best opposite.

Since then the sections have regularly run open shows while the League itself holds a championship show each year. For many years these were held alternately in North and South of England but nowadays a Midlands venue, convenient to all, is used.

Championship shows resumed in 1946 but conditions did not allow for all-breeds events, so the four sets of CCs available to Pembrokes were all awarded at breed club events, three run by the League and one by the Welsh Corgi Club.

The first was judged by Charles Lister-Kaye in London in June, with a total entry of 382 from 122 Pembrokes. The Cardigan Welsh Corgis Association held its show the same day with the same judge.

Dog CC was Formakin Orangeman; bitch CC and BIS Faireyhaze Clever Vixen. Reserves were Teekay Pendragon and Annette of Bucklow.

The next show was run in Wales by the WCC, while the League held an event at Stockport in October, judged by Barbara Douglas-Redding, which drew 123 dogs.

Here, Formakin Orangeman became the first post-war champion from the first three shows, and Rozavel Pax won the bitch CC and BIS. Broom of Ballybentra and Lees Coronet were the reserves.

The League’s third show of the year was again in London, judged by Jessie Fitzwilliams. Total entry was 338 from 138 dogs. The show was unique in League history as who should visit, and stay for two hours, but those great Pembroke lovers Queen Elizabeth (later the Queen Mother) and her daughters Princesses Elizabeth (now the Queen) and Margaret.

Dog CC went to Broom of Ballybentra, bitch CC and BOB to Teekay Foxfire. Reserves were Ch Formakin Orangeman and Lees Coronet.

Although all-breed championship shows resumed in 1947, the League was still allowed to hold two shows. Principal winners at these, and in subsequent years, are shown below.

*denotes best in show.


Roll of Honour

silhouette of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi


(Alfreton) Wally Winter and Kathleen Lacey 127

Dog CC Ch Pemland Ambassador
RDCC Ch Kilvewood Over The Moon

Bitch CC *Pemland Mexikelly Rose
RBCC Blands Celeste

BP Wey Daisy


(Kidlington) Paddy Date and Wyn Lepper 166

Dog CC *Pemland Ambassador
RDCC Kilvewood Over The Moon

Bitch CC Ch Wey Such Joy
RBCC Belroyd Lovebird

BP Pemland Ambassador


(Nantwich) Doris Mason and Brian Drake, referee Arthur Bridge 152

Dog CC Stormerbanks Bearable
RDCC Spellbound Silver Dollar

Bitch CC *Belroyd Hecate
RBCC Ch Tymawr Marigold of Salbani

BP Spellbound Silver Dollar


(Ascot) Agnes Parkinson and Betty Faithfull 179

Dog CC Ch Wey Spearmint
RDCC Lynfarne Spectacular

Bitch CC *Ch Apollinaris Anastasia
RBCC Tymawr Marigold of Salbani

BP Belroyd Kiwi


(Nantwich) Arthur Bridge and Peggy Gamble 151

Dog CC Ch Olantigh Black Diamond
RDCC Belroyd Hyperion

Bitch CC *Ch Tymawr Empress
RBCC Ch Apollinaris Angel Clare

BP Wey Spearmint


(Redditch) Vi Higgs and Michael Boothroyd 184

Dog CC *Ch Belroyd Date Line
RDCC Ch Penmoel Such Fun of Rivona

Bitch CC Kathla’s Gigi
RBCC Evancoyd Miss World

BP Lees Belladonna


(Buxton) Maureen Roberts and Dickie Albin 189

Dog CC *Ch Fitzdown Cygnus of Rowell
RDCC Vanrell Dusky Gaylord

Bitch CC Apollinaris Anastasia
RBCC Shallianne Sheer Ecstacy

BP Shallianne Sheer Ecstacy


(St Albans) Bobby James and Dorothy Winter 209

Dog CC *Ch Blands Solomon of Bardrigg
RDCC Penmoel Such Fun of Rivona

Bitch CC Telsima Sweet Content
RBCC Ch Wey Blackmint

BP Rowell Mayfly


(Buxton) Sam Pascoe and Beryle Thompson 145

Dog CC *Ch Blands Solomon of Bardrigg
RDCC Belroyd Firecrest

Bitch CC Raymardene Silver Charm
RBCC Kydor Cariad

BP Cooneen Caress


1975 (Wootton Bassett) Bert Thomas 187

Dog CC Lynfarne Pacesetter
RDCC Ch Gilburn Supermac

Bitch CC *Ch Cordach Golden Plover
RBCC Lees Octavia

BP Wey Chintz


(Buxton) Joan Lee and Marjorie Hills 187

Dog CC *Ch Gilburn Supermac
RDCC Lees Hadrian

Bitch CC Cordach Royal Crown
RBCC Kathla’s Dusky Serenade

BP Pengavin Passing Consent


(Slough) Madeleine New and Nan Butler 187

Dog CC Ch Blands Impresario
RDCC Stormerbanks Vainglory

Bitch CC *Riscoris Red Velvet of Ormareon
RBCC Olantigh Christmas Carol

BP Stormerbanks Maygirl

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