Find a Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppy

Advice for everyone considering a Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy



Bringing a Pembroke puppy (or indeed adult) into your home is a huge commitment. With excellent care and average luck many Pembrokes reach old age and a lifespan of 14-16 years is not uncommon. Please take plenty of time to carefully consider whether you can put your Pembroke’s needs first throughout his/her life before continuing your search.

If you are new to Pembrokes you will want to spend time learning about the breed, perhaps by visiting Discover Dogs, attending Breed Shows or League section parties... all of which are great ways of meeting owners, breeders, exhibitors and their dogs.

In the same vein it is well worth stressing that, though small in stature, the Pembroke is very definitely a big dog in a small package. Please do not make the mistake of thinking they are a toy breed…  Pembrokes will take plenty of exercise and are at their best when their mind is occupied. They are intelligent, loyal, strong-minded and often opinionated. If you go on to bring a puppy home please make up your mind to rear it properly from the start. This brilliant little Welsh dog, hard-wired to herd and control livestock, responds best to kind, consistent, clear and firm guidance from their owners. If this guidance is missing, or inconsistent, you will find your Pembroke is firmly in charge of you in no time at all.


A reputable breeder will certainly have as many, if not more, questions for you as you have for them. Please be open and honest about yourself and your lifestyle. The breeder will want to place each puppy in the most suitable, permanent home possible for that puppy... and each puppy in a litter is different.

Make the breeder aware if the puppy is intended purely as a companion or if you also, for example, might like to dip a toe into the worlds of showing, agility or obedience. Again, not every puppy in a litter will suit each activity. If the puppy is to be a companion only try to be open-minded in terms of the colour and gender you will consider- carefully bred and reared Pembroke puppies are not plentiful … and that is the sort you ought to be wanting.

You should expect to visit at least once before collecting a puppy. These visits are an opportunity to assess the overall health and well-being of the litter. Satisfy yourself that the puppies look robust and well-reared, with clean bright eyes, good bone, solid bodies and good coats. Are they playful and outgoing... eager to greet new people? You should be able to meet the puppies’ Dam (though they may be weaned she will still want to be with them if given the chance) and she, along with other relatives, will give a good indication of how the puppies will turn out, both physically and in temperament. Be aware it may not be possible to see their Sire as he may well be owned by another breeder. 

Further advice should concern the following topics


Including the type and brand of food currently fed, frequency of meals, what the puppy drinks and advice on dietary progression as the puppy grows on. It is common practice to be given a small supply of food, along with a detailed diet sheet when collecting your puppy.


Guidance about how much is appropriate as the puppy matures and the need for adequate rest periods whilst still young. The breeder is likely to caution against excessive exercise and jumping whilst the bones are still soft for example.

Grooming, dental care and nail trimming


Socialisation and ongoing training

Advice concerning the benefits and drawbacks of neutering and the appropriate time for this to be carried out

icon of a dog crate

Recommendations concerning the use of a crate for sleeping and whilst travelling in the car

You should expect to receive the following documents:

Pedigree and Kennel Club Registration Certificate
If the registration is endorsed (for example ‘Progeny Not Eligible for Registration’ or ‘Not Eligible for Export Pedigree’ ) then the breeder should explain this fully at the time of purchase.
Microchip certificate
It is against the law to sell a puppy without a microchip
Vaccination certificate
Most breeders prefer puppies to have had at least their first inoculation before leaving. It is common practice to have a basic health check at the same time. The breeder should discuss the dates of the next inoculation and will encourage you to have the puppy checked by your own Vet as soon as possible.
Worming schedule
Including details of dates already wormed and products used and recommendations for future treatment
Puppy insurance documents
Often provided for the first 5 weeks after sale - and perhaps a discussion concerning ongoing insurance.
Details of any health screening of the puppy and/or its parents
There are no mandatory BVA screening requirements for the Pembroke Corgi in the UK (at the time of writing) nevertheless some breeders take advantage of the various tests available. Your breeder may take this opportunity to discuss the tests undertaken and the implications of the results.
Contract of sale
This should be signed and dated by both parties. This document may cover diverse topics but is designed to protect both breeder and purchaser in the unlikely event of a problem arising in the future. If a puppy is not suitable, for example, for the show-ring then the breeder might use this document to outline why. It may also outline what should happen in the unlikely event you cannot look after the dog properly, for example because of illness or bereavement.
Finally, and most importantly, the reputable breeder will want to be there to offer help and advice throughout the life of your puppy. Please take the trouble to stay in touch with them with news, good or otherwise. We care about our puppies! Should you encounter a problem, let your breeder (or Vet in the case of a health issue) be the first person you turn to, rather than on-line forums or groups.


HELPING YOU Find a pembroke Corgi puppy

If you are certain you are able to give a Pembroke puppy a fantastic lifelong home, having read the guidance above carefully, please fill in the following form which will be submitted to our Puppy Co-ordinator Mrs Sue Coulson.
Please be aware that, in providing this service, the Welsh Corgi League is simply endeavouring to put prospective owners in touch with puppies bred by Members of good standing, who are asked to abide by our Code of Ethics.
The League offers no endorsements or recommendations on the merits (or otherwise) of the puppies concerned and can accept no liability for the health or wellbeing of any puppy purchased.
Likewise, the price charged for the puppy is strictly a matter for breeder and owner and the League will not enter into any debate or offer an opinion concerning the cost.
Please fill in the form below and your details will be sent to our Puppy Co-ordinator, Mrs Sue Coulson who will be in touch with details of any suitable litters

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