The following is applicable to puppies and adults offered for sale by UK-based League members and purchasers thereof.

Recently there has been vigorous debate on social media regarding the price of Pembroke Corgi puppies and the merits of Health Testing in the breed. We wish to clarify the position of the League on such matters as follows:

The price charged for puppies or adults is a private matter between the breeder and purchaser. Pricing structure varies depending on supply, demand, sex and whether the puppy is intended as a companion only or also as a show puppy for example. The League will not enter into any discussion regarding pricing nor arbitrate nor offer an opinion. The Leagues' concern extends only to ensuring that puppies bred by our members are produced in accordance with our Code of Ethics as published in the 2020 Handbook.

We endorse the Kennel Club recommendations, available at kennel club,org uk, that purchasers see the puppy with its dam at least once, make every effort to assure themselves that the puppy is healthy and breed-typical, is of good temperament and is of a recognised colour and that they ensure that the puppy is registered, has a satisfactory pre-sale veterinary clearance and is micro-chipped.

Under guidelines issued by the Kennel Club, in consultation with the British Veterinary Association, there is currently no requirement for health screening for the Pembroke Corgi in the UK. The League endorses this opinion but continues to work with the above organisations to monitor and maintain overall breed health.

Some breeders may avail themselves of screening tests that are available for the breed. These may include Cardiac and Eye tests, Hip and Elbow X-Rays and Blood tests to identify markers for conditions such as vWD1, DM, EIC, and others. Again it is for the purchaser to discuss any advertised testing with the breeder and to determine the value, financial or otherwise, of any disclosed results against the opinion of the aforementioned professional bodies.

Mary Davies


Welsh Corgi League

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