About the league

The WELSH CORGI LEAGUE was established in 1938 to promote the interests of and safeguard the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Today, through the annually elected Executive Committee, it caters for the breeder, exhibitor and all who appreciate the qualities of the breed both in the UK and throughout the World. The League also maintains local sections throughout the UK.

Home members, now nearing 500, are automatically members of the Section covering the area in which they live; Scotland, Northern Section and Southern Section. Members living in East Anglia form a Sub-Section which is part of the Southern Section.

Overseas membership is in excess of 250.

All members receive copies of ‘OUR CORGI WORLD‘, a biannual newsletter which contains news and articles of topical interest, much of which is contributed by members from home and overseas. Back issues of the newsletter are made available on the website membership area as well as the most current issue.

Full members receive a handbook which is published annually and is the envy of not only other breed clubs in this country but overseas too. Early editions of the handbook (the first one was published in 1947) are widely sought after and being in short supply, command a high price. The articles and photographs it contains are of interest to all Corgi lovers.


The handbook contains a comprehensive list of winners at Championship Shows, a Portrait Gallery containing photographs and pedigrees of all the year’s C.C. winners, together with a large number of announcements by home and overseas members, as well as the alphabetical list of home and overseas members, making it an invaluable reference book.

A book of ‘British Champions between 1928 and 1987’, with pedigrees, was published in 1988 and updated in 1998. Champions from 1998 – 2012 are published in a new book.

A fold out ‘Fault Finder’ is available from the Secretary; this allows show exhibitors to learn the faults on a dog by folding over the various common faults.

Various DVDs are available from the Store; ‘Corgwn Sir Benfro’, ‘Parade of Champions (1988), Diamond Jublilee 1998, Platinum Jubilee 2013’ and ‘The History of the British Pembroke, 1926-1993’.

For the exhibitor, the Welsh Corgi League, with the permission of the Kennel Club, holds a Championship Show each year.


Each Section also holds an Open Show, sometimes in conjunction with another Society, in its own area.

Numerous Challenge trophies, which have been presented to the League over the years by members, are on offer at these Shows, as well as at some of the larger General Championship Shows.

Summer and Christmas parties are organised by the different Sections to enable all members to meet socially and enjoy the company of people they may not otherwise meet.

The Welsh Corgi League holds its Annual General Meeting in April, at which the Chair of the Executive and the Treasurer present their Reports to members. All members are invited to attend this Meeting to express their views or suggestions and to vote on any proposals presented to the Meeting, in accordance with current rules.

Each Section or Sub-Section holds its own AGM and sends Reports to the League AGM.

When possible at Shows, Archive material illustrating the life of the League, is displayed for the interests of members.

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The Welsh Corgi League