Younger Pembrokes score at Malvern

National Working and Pastoral Breeds was a good day for the younger Pems, Judge was Julie Swann who many years ago used to show the Kenpeth Pems but has been better known in more recent years for the Swanndale Lancashire Heelers.

Dog CC was a second within a week for Tracy and Kath irving’s yearling Born To Be Your Salt Dog at Twinan (Hung/Rom/Greek/Mac Ch Born To Be Your Sparticus di Pi Et Ra ex Int/Rom Ch Twinan Colour Me Red).

BOB and a first CC went to Barry and Sue Coulson’s 15-months bobtail Woodhenge Storm Princess (Ch Pemcader Thunderball ex Woodhenge Moon Maiden) while RDCC was her litter brother, Elaine and Alan Barlow’s tri bobtail Woodhenge Star Agent for Pendrell.

For the second time Teresa Maddox’s Salvenik Summer Rosebud (Redfordhill Simply Magic to Salvenik ex Ch Bertley Summer Rose with Salvenik) combined both BP and RBCC awards.

Once again Mary Davies’ tri Ch/Rus/Ukr Ch Ermyn Snow Knight (Ch/Am Ch Rosewood Set Sail to Salvenik ex Wharrytons Pansy Potter of Ermyn) was BV – he is great-great-grandsire of the BP, while best beginner was Wendy Smith’s Pemlodge Star Appeal (Thunderball ex Pemlodge Broadway Star Attraction, a Snow Knight granddaughter).

Haresfoot Cora was second in the MPB stakes under Derek Smith.

I see that Ann Arch is retiring as secretary of this society – she has put in an amazing stint in this role covering the entire period of the show’s championship show history, I think since 1972, and a few years before that when it only ran open shows. Thank you and happy retirement Ann from all your Corgi friends.

Ann has a soft spot for a good Pembroke and she not only awarded Ch Belroyd Nut Cracker the group at Crufts centenary show but also gave Ch Penliath Shooting Star RBIS at Crufts 2001.

Confirmation comes from the Kennel Club that the Pembroke Breed Education Co-ordinator is Cerys Davies who can be contacted on Cardigan BEC is Barbara Price,

Good luck to both in this role which is so important in the progression of judges to ensure that they have a proper understanding of the breed.

In Australia, BIS at the Queensland specialty under Sherel Money was John Burgess and Joanne McCann’s US import Ch/Am Gr Ch Hum’nbird Rock Your Socks (Am Gr Ch Hun’nbird Groundhog Day ex Am Ch Hum’nbird Ice Lily) and RBIS, Gloria Woodward’s Ch Aberlee Angels N Halos (Am Gr Ch Tallyrand Halo Chaser ex Ch Kingrowan Saralou).

A couple of years ago in the Dog World breed notes I compiled a comparison of the UK and US breed Standards for the Pembroke.

The UK Standard is the ‘property’ of the Kennel Club, though it would usually only make significant changes if all the breed clubs agreed. A while back all the Standards were sub-edited to remove excess wording. Some feel that something was lost in the process, perhaps less so in the Pembroke than in other breeds as our Standard was pretty concise in the first place.

The Amercian KC Standard is decided by the parent club for the breed (in our case the PWCCA) rather than the AKC itself. It dates back to 1972.

The American version is considerably more detailed than ours and contains a surprising number of differences from our own. In some cases this is merely a question of emphasis, in others there is a direct contradiction. Amazingly this has not resulted in too many significant differences in the actual dogs, and UK judges (and others who use the UK or very similar FCI Standard) seem to have little problem in adapting to the American ideal and vice versa.

Let’s start with the general sections of the Standards. In the UK this is divided into three clauses:

“General Appearance

“Low set, strong, sturdily built, alert and active, giving impression of substance and stamina in small space.


“Bold in outlook, workmanlike.


Outgoing and friendly, never nervous or aggressive. “

As I said, the AKC version is more specific in its requirements:

“General Appearance - Low-set, strong, sturdily built and active, giving an impression of substance and stamina in a small space. Should not be so low and heavy-boned as to appear coarse or overdone, nor so light-boned as to appear racy. Outlook bold, but kindly. Expression intelligent and interested. Never shy nor vicious. Correct type, including general balance and outline, attractiveness of headpiece, intelligent outlook and correct temperament is of primary importance. Movement is especially important, particularly as viewed from the side. A dog with smooth and free gait has to be reasonably sound and must be highly regarded. A minor fault must never take precedence over the above desired qualities.

“A dog must be very seriously penalized for the following faults, regardless of whatever desirable qualities the dog may present: oversized or undersized; button, rose or drop ears; overshot or undershot bite; fluffies, whitelies, mismarks or bluies.”

Our KC’s philosophy is that the Standards should point out what a breed SHOULD look like, rather than what it SHOULD NOT. They therefore tend to concentrate on the positive, without mentioning breed-specific faults. In contrast, the AKC Standard highlights both virtues and faults. I can see the logic behind both approaches – would be interesting to know which one judges find most helpful.

In future weeks we will look at the individual sections of the two Standards.


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