Veteran and pup win at Leeds

Martin Sanders (Castellcoch Dachshunds and Whippets) awarded the first Pembroke CCs at Leeds for a good many years and his winners came from the opposite end of the age spectrum.

DCC was a thirteenth for Mary Davies’ ten-year-old tri Ch/Rus/Ukr Ch Ermyn Snow Knight (Ch/Am Ch Rosewood Set Sail to Salvenik ex Wharrytons Pansy Potter at Ermyn) and he went on to BOB, then veteran G4 under Dave Killilea, plus second in the veteran stakes under Barrie Croft.

BCC and BP was a first for Chris and Nicki Blance’s Penliath Bill Me Later who is just seven months old. She is by Am/NZ Ch Coventry Esquire ex Ch Penliath Femme Fatale and is their fourth CC winner this year and a fourth generation CC winning bitch. Wonder how long it is since a Pem this young took a CC? Snow Knight himself was just three days older when he won his first CC in 2009.

RDCC was Barry and Sue Coulson, Elisabeth Camboni and Katell Malagré’s Oye-Dragoon-Willow des Contamines at Woodhenge (one CC, Int/Fr/Port Ch Lawrence Of Arabia des Contamines ex Int/Fr Ch Legend Of Dragoon Rose des Contamines) and RBCC Ena Ellwood’s Salvenik Silk Rose for Ellhar (one CC, Redfordhill Magic Moments to Salvenik ex Bertley Autumnal Rose with Salvenik). The latter was the only entrant in the breed resident in Yorkshire, a sad reflection on how things have changed since the great days of the breed in the counties which I featured last week.

Best beginner was Mrs Smith’s tri Ryslip Jaffacake (Merthyr Wanda-Win The Toss for Ryslip ex Craigycor Let It Go). I think the breeding of the winners reflect how cosmopolitan the breed in Britain is these days.

Quite a few judges recorded in the latest Journal:

For 2020: Eastern Counties WCC Willie Preston (Willinda); W/P Breeds of Wales Lisa Franchi (Saniaquinto, first time); Border Union Dave Asbridge (Chililabomwe, first time); Windsor Lesley Chalmers (Merthyr, New Zealand); National WP Elaine Barlow (Pendrell/Highworth); Leeds Howard Ogden (Beauview Griffons, first time for Pems); Welsh KC Sue Harrison (Haresfoot); Scottish KC August Ron James (Jasmorne Bullmastiffs, Pointers and Basenjis); Darlington Margaret Wildman (Wildax Boxers, Bulldogs, Bostons and Frenchies); W/P Breeds of Scotland Lol Boulton (Jonloran); LKA Kevin Young (Sunkap Beardies).

2021: East of England Garry Gray (Slatehouse German Shepherds); National W/P Peter Clifton (Joseter Cardigans); Bournemouth Cerys Davies (Ceranda).

In Australia the Victoria specialty was judged by Christine Sonberg (Cymraeg Ci, Norway). DCC, BOB and RBIS was Joan and Bob Hutton’s Sup Ch Bojojamile Bit Of A Cracker (Ch/NZ Ch Dwynella Made By Design ex Ch Bojojamile Beam Of Sunshine) and they also too the BCC and RBOB with the bobtail Sup/Int/Nord Ch Bojojamile Behind The News (Sup Ch Bojojamile Bean Serious ex Ch Bojojamile Behind Closed Doors).



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