Tricolours score at Darlington

At Darlington our judge was Ronnie Irving of Border Terrier fame. He previously gave CCs in the breed at one of the Birmingham shows in, I think, the early ‘00s and did Pems at the Stockholm and Paris World Shows.

It proved to be a good day for tricolours and Coventries!

DCC, his second, was Ena Ellwood’s bobtail tri Ellhar Maksimos (Ch Salvenik Set To Star ex Ellhar Encantada), while the BCC, plus BOB, was a quick fourth for Linda Roberts and Beckie Williams’ tri US import Ch Coventry Sky Full Of Stars (Am GCh Martindale Black Bart ex Am Ch Coventry Born This Way). Unusually for an American Pem, she has a full tail – I gather she was a very small baby so it was decided not to dock her.

Reserves went to Chris and Nicki Blance, Bill Shelton and Steve Leyerly’s AI littermates, Penliath Spanner In The Worx (one CC) and Penliath Sent From Coventry (Am Ch Ninacorte Chicago Hope ex Coventry Dancing With The Stars for Penliath).

BP was another tri bobtail, Sue Harrison’s Haresfoot Cora (Ch/Rus/Ukr Ch Ermyn Snow Knight ex Haresfoot Zena), and BV was Babs and Wally Aylott’s tri Barwal Belle (Foxfire Red Ruffian at Pemland ex Pemcader Belroyd Zoe of Barwal).

Snow Knight was second in the veteran stakes under Albert Wight and Twinan Tight Squeeze third in the minor puppy bitch stakes judged by Simon Luxmoore. Katie Read took fifth in her YKC handling class under Pauline Luxmoore-Ball.

Good to see Jean Bloomfield ringside – some health problems mean she hasn’t been able to get to as many shows as usual but today she was in great form.

Next section of the breed Standards to consider is for feet and here our UK Standard says:

“Oval, toes strong, well arched, and tight, two centre toes slightly advance of two outer, pads strong and well arched. Nails short. “

Sometimes the Pembroke foot is described as a ‘hare foot’, owing to the two centre toes extending beyond the others, though I feel that a real hare’s foot would be longer and narrower than we see in the breed.

Certainly this is, or should be, one of the areas where the breed is very distinct from the Cardigan.

The American Standard reads: “Oval, with the two center toes slightly in advance of the two outer ones. Turning neither in nor out. Pads strong and feet arched. Nails short. Dewclaws on both forelegs and hindlegs usually removed. Too round, long and narrow, or splayed feet are faulty.”

For once we seem to agree! The Brits don’t mention dewclaws but in general they are removed here too. Do any of you leave on the dewclaws? Have any of you seen rear dewclaws on a Pem?


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