The year's trophy winners

Thanks to Kim Warner and Margaret Hoggarth for the results of the main League trophies for 2019.

Winner of the Leslie Perrins Trophy for top Pem is once again Ch Pemcader Thunderball with 47 points.

The Herden Trophy for runner-up and the Ch Penliath Shooting Star Trophy for top bitch go to Ch Penliath Sent From Coventry with 37 points.

The Thelma Gray Trophy for top puppy is won by Penliath Bill Me Later on 36 points.

Leading stud dogs are:

1 Ch Pemcader Thunderball; 2 Merthyr Wanda-Win The Toss for Ryslip; 3 Redfordhill Magic Moments to Salvenik; 4 Ch/Rus/Ukr Ermyn Snow Knight; 5 Twinan Dip Yer Butty; 6 Ch Nireno Luke Skywalker; 7 Am Ch Ninacorte Chicago Hope; 8 Ch/Ir Ch Craigycor Lightning Bolt; 9 Ir Ch Chawton Dream Maker; 10 Ch Pemcader Belroyd Zeus and Jonloran King of Clubs; 12 Int/Fr/Port Ch Lawrence Of Arabia des Contamines.

Leading brood bitches

1 Coventry Dancing With The Stars for Penliath; 2 Woodhenge Moon Maiden; 3 Haresfoot Zena; 4 Int/Fr Ch Legend Of Dragoon Rose des Contamines; 5 Ch Penliath Femme Fatale; 6 Bertley Autumnal Rose with Salvenik; 7 Pemcader Belroyd Zoe of Barwal and Twinan Just The Ticket; 9 Barawood Soul Singer; 10 Wallfugh Xmas Eggnog for Ellessar; 11 Cottivy Maggie May; 12 Wharrytons Pansy Potter at Ermyn, Whitebarn Tabitha Twitchit and Stadwen Prima Donna.

Thanks as ever to Kevin Egan for another enjoyable League newsletter with varied content from home and overseas members.

Don’t forget to get your copy for the handbook in, and to send off your votes for the executive committee. Two members, Jo Gordon and Simon Parsons, are standing down this year and there are 16 candidates for 12 places.

A reminder that there are two amendments to the flyers sent with the newsletter:

1. Handbook advertisement email address is:

2. Deadline for Executive ballot papers is Thursday January 9, 2020


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