See you at the Holiday Inn

Hope you are all looking forward to EuroCorgi this weekend. It’s at the Holiday Inn, Rugby, at Crick just off junction 18 off the M1.

Judging of dogs in both breeds starts at 10am on Saturday, bitches at 9am on Sunday.

There are 139 Pembrokes entered, making an entry of 144 for Vicki Sandage; 91 Cardis (95 entries) for Peter Clifton.

In addition there are seven Pembroke braces, three progeny groups and two breeders’ groups; five, four and four in the equivalent for Cardis.

Sue Hadley judges the special award classes, with 34 Pems and 32 Cardis. We have eight junior handlers.

Exhibitors are coming from a number of overseas countries, some from considerable distances. I suspect there might have been even more had the Amsterdam World Show not been two weeks later. Many other Corgi enthusiasts for worldwide will be spectating.

Barry Coulson would appreciate Corgi-related items for the silent auction on Saturday; John Essenhigh is running a bottle stall on Sunday and there is a raffle on Saturday – prizes and support welcomed. Cakes etc for the Saturday tea, too.

More items of information can be found on the show’s FB page. See you there!

I know quite a few visitors from overseas are already in the UK. One person we will be especially pleased to see is Cheryl Heath (Crescenthill) from the US and I’m delighted the she had the chance to judge the breed at Bakewell open show. Tracy and Kath Irving had a worthwhile day winning BOB with Born To Be Your Salt Dog at Twinan and RBOB and BP with Twinan Life’s A Blast. Salty won the group under Pat Hutchinson and ended up RBIS at this big two-day premier show under Liz Cartledge, while the pup was PG4.

Vicki (Sandfox) is doing plenty of travelling at the moment and last Friday judged the Columbia River specialty in Oregon. Robert Simpson’s tri bitch Ch Vangard At Last (GChB Woodsedge Brynlea Noir Like Me ex Ch Vangard Bells Are Ringin) was BOB while BOS was Patty Gailey and Sharyl Waldron’s tri Ch Triad Highly Huggable (GCh Martindale Black Bart ex GCh Triad Pandorable).

Sunday saw the League Southern Section summer party. Sounds as if it was its usual super afternoon. Kevin Egan has put lots of photos on FB.

Continuing our look at the UK and American Standards, Britain says the following about head and skull:

“Head foxy in shape and appearance, with alert, intelligent expression, skull fairly wide and flat between ears, moderate amount of stop. Length of foreface in proportion to skull 3 to 5. Muzzle slightly tapering. Nose black.”

The US says: “The head should be foxy in shape and appearance. Expression - Intelligent and interested, but not sly. Skull - should be fairly wide and flat between the ears. Moderate amount of stop. Very slight rounding of cheek, not filled in below the eyes, as foreface should be nicely chiseled to give a somewhat tapered muzzle. Distance from occiput to center of stop to be greater than the distance from stop to nose tip, the proportion being five parts of total distance for the skull and three parts for the foreface. Muzzle should be neither dish-faced nor Roman-nosed. “

Later, the American version also says: “Nose - Black and fully pigmented.” Also: “Lips - Black, tight, with little or no fullness.”

No major differences here. I like the way the Americans feature that chiselling where the foreface meets the skull, which contributes so much to the difference between a head with ‘quality’ and one which tends to the coarse or common. Lips don’t feature in the UK version.

Next time: eyes, ears and mouths.



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