Registrations on the up

Several times when the quarterly breed registrations for Pembrokes have shown an increase since they bottomed out in 2014, this has been described as a ‘surge’. I tended to scoff at that term, but must admit that the overall figure for last year does indeed show a surge, and a rather worrying one, particularly as so few of the dogs registered come from breeders with an interest in the show ring.

The overall total for 2019 is 795, up from 576 in 2018 and nearly three times the 2014 low of 274.

We of course have a long way to go to match the figures of the early 1990s and backwards, the peak coming in 1960 with 8,933, but the trend is there.

The figure for the final quarter of 2019 is 252 compared with 140 for the same period of 2018.

Of these, 247 come from 47 litters. Eleven of those litters carry affixes regularly seen in the ring, and a couple more are from parents with such affixes. Two of those litters are actually one out of the same bitch but by two different sires, something I’ve seen from well known kennels of other breeds but not before in Pems. Obviously the pups in such a case have to be parentage-tested to see which are by which sire.

There were 12 emergency caesars and one elective. As I’ve said before we do seem, anecdotally, to have a higher percentage of caesars among the show lines than we used to, though I don’t think anyone kept reliable statistics in the past. They seem less common among the non-show bred bitches but whether that reflects reality or the possibility that they are less often reported, who knows?

Two litters contained bobtail puppies.

Quite a few litters carry the Kenynten affix - in fact this isn’t a single large-scale breeder, but is the word the Kennel Club uses when people ask it to choose names for their pups.

The remaining five puppies are imports, a Russian champion dog, two other Russian dogs and a bitch and an American bitch. There are exports to Japan, Russia, Belgium and Australia.

Pleased to see a veteran warrant go to Jacqui Reay’s Jacqueilas Dawns Melody (Salvenik Specially Made for Triella ex Jacqueilas Arizona Melody) - is that a first for the breed?

Saturday saw the South East CA open show judged by Jamie Skull (Estelamay). Barry and Sue Coulson did the double, BOB going to Oye-Dragoon-Willow des Contamines at Woodhenge (one CC, Int/Fr/Port Ch Lawrence Of Arabia des Contamines ex Int/Fr Ch Legend Of Dragoon Rose des Contamines), co-owned with Elisabeth Camboni and Katell Malagré, and BOS to the bobtail Woodhenge Storm Princess (one CC, Ch Pemcader Thunderball ex Woodhenge Moon Maiden).

RBD was Judy Down’s Elessar Royal Salute (Jonloran King Of Clubs ex Wallfugh Xmas Eggnog for Elsessar) and RBB Elizabeth Gordon’s Ryslip Hobnob (Merthyr Wanda-Win The Toss for Ryslip ex Craigycor Let It Go). Dawn Woodey’s tri bobtail Elmsmere Steal A Star for Barawood (Cottivy Skyfall ex Elmsmere Stolen Star) was BP and Babs and Wally Aylott’s tri Barwal Belle (Foxfire Red Ruffian at Pemland ex Pemcader Belroyd Zoe of Barwal) BV.

Cardis won the top spots under BIS judge John Essenhigh (Brynlluan).

Meanwhile Mary Davies had a good day at Swansea open show where Secret Starlight Express into Ermyn was BOB and G3 and Ch/Rus/Ukr Ch Ermyn Snow Knight was BVIS under Lee Cox, the prizes including a bottle of champagne.

The double shows on Sunday of the Pennine and Yorkshire and League Northern Section had the bad luck to coincide with Storm Ciara. Well done to the intrepid travellers who made it, some coming from Scotland.

Pennine judge was Gary Clarke (Claygar Border Collies) and BOB, BV and BIS was Lisa and Maria Franchi’s nine-year-old Whitebarn Samuel Whiskers at Saniaquinto (Ch/Am Ch Rosewood Set Sail to Salvenik ex Oakcap Sassy Sophia of Whitebarn). They also took BP and RBD with Saniaquinto High Society (Ch Redfordhill Magic Moments to Salvenik ex Ermyn Moonlight Flyer at Saniaquinto).

BB was Lol Boulton’s Elessar Grand Design by Jonloran (another by King Of Clubs, ex Elessar Rival Design) and RBB Tracey Smith’s Ryslip Jaffacake, sister to Hobnob.

This was followed by the WCL show judged by Tom Mather (Barklots Japanese Chin) - thanks for the very prompt critique at what must be a very busy time for Crufts chairman Tom.

Samuel was BD and BV and High Society again BP and RBD. BIS this time was Linda Roberts’ tri Australian import Anwyl Tell It To My Heart Cherastayne (Aus Ch Anwyl Leaving On A Fast Train ex Aus Ch Anwyl Tell It Like It Is) with RBB to Grand Design. BPB at both shows was Gavin and Lynda Parrish’s tri Dangavlyns Black Ice (Twinan Dip Yer Butty ex Dangavlyns Morning Whisle).

If you fancy a virtual trip to New York you can see the breed judging at Westminster on the show website or YouTube. Attempts to watch it live weren’t too successful in Britain but an American friend managed to video the live stream and put it on Facebook for which many of us were grateful.

Specialist judge Larry Adams (Gaylord) had what looked like a classy entry with a number of consistent specialty and all-breed winners present. His BOB was the bitch GCh Coventry A Million Reasons, owned by Alexandra Geramia and Deborah Salow and handled by Jenny Wornall-Rangel. She is the red sister of Linda Roberts’ tri champion import, by GCh Martindale Black Bart ex Ch Coventry Born This Way.

BOS went to the World Show BIS winner Ch Realline Final Boss on another trip from Korea with owner Jong Oh Kim. He is by GCh Balmy Winds JP Jake ex Ch The Goodboy Lovely Catherine.

Select dog was Nancy and Mike Oehlhof’s GChS Springmill A Blast From The Past (GCh Springmill Sweet Talkin Guy ex GCh Springmill Dec Th’Halls) and the same award in bitches went to Kara and Alyssa Janiszak’s GChB Sterling Shine The Light (GChS Lionhart’s All About Harry ex GCh Sundance Grace Kelly).

Awards of merit went to GCh Heronsway Kiss From A Rose (a nice success for Anne Bowes who was celebrating a significant birthday), GCh Cityside Speak Of The Devil and GChB Sassapine Sanctus.

For the first time the show was spread over three days and Pems were on the first (Sunday). The unusual arrangements caused by damage to one of piers usually used for breed judging meant that the herding group judging back at Madison Square Garden wasn’t scheduled until the Monday evening. ‘Millie’ represented the breed with style and made the cut in tough competition under Shirley Limoges.


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