Plans for the League show

Any of you who have been to the American breed specialties, both regional and national, will know the tremendous efforts their committees put in to making them special events. They usually have a post-show banquet, they have themed prizes and merchandise, stalls with Corgi artwork for sale, sometimes special events such as competitions for invited entrants, and so on, all based at a hotel or a purpose-built centre.

Many of us feel it would be wonderful if the UK wasn’t left behind and to this end the League has set up a sub-committee with the aim of making its championship shows extra special, more like a ‘British National’.

To give us a bit of time to work with, we are focusing on the 2021 show, though we also already have some ideas which could be featured at the 2020 event and all future League ch shows.

For 2021 we wondered about making it a Pembroke weekend, with the show on the first day and other events, especially aimed at newer owners or potential future exhibitors, on the second day.

The sub-committee would welcome ideas from members and exhibitors as to what they would like to see. So far we have thought about a theme for each year’s show, to be reflected in prizes, cards and so on.

For 2021 we wondered about a banquet on the first day evening. Would people like to see a parade of champions (as at the golden jubilee show)? Or a competition for champions, with judges announced only on the night? Or an international team competition, which is a great success for the Miniature Bull Terrier people?

If we did have such an event, would it be best to combine it with the banquet, or would people prefer a more leisurely event on the second day?

Could we have a companion dogs show or match, to attract Corgi owners who might not normally show their dogs? After all, we all agree that the breed vitally needs more regular exhibitors. Other fun events? Or something more serious such as talks on the breed? What would tempt you to stay overnight, or to attend both days?

And of course we would need a suitable venue. Any thoughts about dog-friendly hotels in the Midlands with a suitable room are welcome.

Anyway if you have any ideas, please pass them on to Mary Davies, Barry Coulson, Kevin Dover, Gavin Parrish or myself and we can put our thoughts together in the months to come. Thank you.

Not much UK news this week. We will have at least one representative at the Junior Warrant winners’ semi-final as Tracy and Kath Irving’s Twinan Tight Squeeze qualified at York under Annette Mappin.

I hear the Southern section party at Worplesdon was its usual great success with nearly 60 people plus Corgis attending for fun and games and a high tea.

With Leeds coming up I’m writing a piece about Pems in Yorkshire but will post that separately so the notes don’t become too long winded.

In the US the Columbia River specialty in Oregon was judged by Mari Carroll (Brogan) and BOB was Vicki Sandage’s male GChB Sandfox Golden Whistler (GChB Heartsong Brynlea Pavarotti ex GCh Sandfox Kismet) and BOS Robert Simpson’s tri GChB Vangard At Last (GChB Woodsedge Brynlea Noir Like Me ex Ch Vangard Bells A Ringin).

John Burgess (Breconmohr, Australia) judged the specialty in Estonia, choosing for BOB and BIS Kristina Kazlauskaite-Gresevicienie’s tri dog Aurorus Lunaris ex Valhalos Sargas (Dutch Ch Greenwoods Secret Agent ex Heart Of Nireno at Valhalos Sargas), from Lithuania. BOS was from Latvia, Galina Dubrovska’s Altneu Hurdy Gurdy (Rus/Est/Fin/Az/Ga Ch Orden Keltov Chester Flirt-N-Flash ex Altneu Driving You Crazy).



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