Judge: Mrs Anneli Sutela (Finland)

Dog CC Ch Pemcader Thunderball NBT (53rd CC)

Bitch CC Salvenik Silk Rose for Ellhar

RDCC Ch Bronabay Troopin The Colour JW

RBCC Ch Chililabomwe Snowdrop

BOB Ch Pemcader Thunderball NBT

BP Salvenik Silk Rose for Ellhar

BV Ch Bronabay Troopin The Colour JW

Veteran dog (2, 1 ansent)

1 Ch Bronabay Troopin The Colour JW

Minor puppy dog (0)

Puppy dog (0)

Special junior dog (2)

1 Crescenthill-Brynlea Moon Glow (imp USA) 1 Bronabay Illuminations JW

Junior dog (0)

Yearling dog (2)

1 Meitza Erik The King 2 Cottivy Mozart

Novice dog (0)

Post graduate dog (4, 1) 1 Ermyn Knight Of The Realm 2 Woodhenge Star Agent for Pendrell NBT 3 Towernaglen Red Dragon with Ceranda (imp Ire)

Limit dog (2)

1 Stadwen Figaro 2 Cottivy Skyfall

Open dog (7, 1)

1 Ch Pemcader Thunderball NBT 2 Ellhar Maksimos NBT 3 Can Ch Curig FaerieTale JupiterRising (imp Can)

Veteran bitch (2, 1)

1 Ch Chililabomwe Snowdrop JW ShCM

Minor puppy bitch (6, 3)

1 Salvenik Silk Rose for Ellhar 2 Salvenik Scarlet Rose 3 Vuedor Spring Sunshine

Puppy bitch (2)

1 Salvenik Scarlet Rose 2 Vuedor Spring Sunshine

Special junior bitch (2)

1 Salvenik Summer Rosebud 2 Nesden Stob Dearg

Junior bitch (2)

1 Whitebarn Moonbeam 2 Salvenik Summer Rosebud

Yearling bitch (3, 1)

1 Woodhenge Storm Princess NBT 2 Ermyn Dreams Allowed 3 Cottivy Twelfth Night

Novice bitch (1)

1 Salvenik Scarlet Rose

Post graduate bitch (4, 1)

1 Amberynlea Dark Desire with Ellhar (imp Ltv) 2 Highworth Vanity Fair for Pendrell 3 Whitebarn Sea Nymph NBT

Limit bitch (5)

1 Twinan Dipped In A Dream over Huntsville; 2 Penliath Sent From Coventry 3 Corland Solitaire

Open bitch (8, 3)

1 Ch Stadwen Tinkerbell 2 Chililabomwe Flaming Katie JW ShCM 3 Penliath Sent To Coventry (AI)

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