Pembroke success at Discover Dogs

My apologies for no notes last week, but there didn’t seem to be any news at all from anywhere in the Pembroke world…

Just nine years to go before the Corgi celebrates its centenary of CC status at South Wales show in 2028. Let’s hope we still have show in Wales by then!

This year’s judge was Tracy Irving (Twinan/Highworth) and she awarded two quick second CCs. BOB was Alan and Sarah Matthews’ dog Ir Ch Towernaglen Buster Moon at Craigycor who is by Ir Ch Craigycor Viva Las Vegas ex Ir Ch Towernaglen Red Spinel.

BCC went to Nicki and Chris Blance’s Penliath Bill Me Later (Am/NZ Ch Coventry Esquire ex Ch Penliath Femme Fatale) who is still only nine months old. She was also BP and this time went on to PG2 under Corgi specialist Peter Clifton.

Reserves were Diana King and Sarah Taylor’s Oregonian Snow Leopard (litter brother to Ch Snow Tiger, by Ch Nireno Luke Skywalker ex Oregonian Snow Queen) and Mary Davies’ tri Emryn Fly By Night (two CCs, Rus Ch Pemvale Midnight Flyer over Ermyn ex Ch Vuedor Black Pearl of Ermyn).

The Russian import Dzhimis Olwen Footprint Of Russia was second in the minor puppy bitch stakes under Melanie Reed-Peck while Ch/Rus/Ukr Ch Ermyn Snow Knight (grandsire of both RCC winners) was third in the veteran stakes under the same judge. The Balletcors were fourth in the breeders competition under Mark James.

I wish I had half Tracy’s energy - the next day she was in London with her and Kath’s Twinan Tight Squeeze (another to win two CCs as a puppy, by Twinan Dip Yer Butty ex Debsanna’s Promises Twinan), competing in the semi-final of the Junior Warrant Winner of the Year competition held at Discover Dogs at ExCel.

There are two judges, each assessing half of the competitors, and each chooses five to go forward to the final of Crufts. Darren Clarke was the judge of the heat Tight Squeeze was in and she was indeed among the five he selected, so good luck at Crufts! When was the last Pembroke to reach this final?

Kim Warner’s CC-winning boy Meitza Erik The King was also representing the breed and he was shortlisted in his section by Jonathan Daltrey.

Talking of JWs, another to complete the required number of points is Barry and Sue Coulson, Elisabeth Camboni and Katell Malagré’s French-bred boy Oye-Dragoon-Willow des Contamines at Woodhenge (one CC, Int/Fr/Port Ch Lawrence Of Arabia des Contamines ex Int/Fr Ch Legend Of Dragoon Rose des Contamines) who won his final points at Portsmouth and Southsea where he was best NSC under Russell Jones and won the group. Let’s hope he qualifies for next year’s semis.

Astonishingly this is the first JW Barry and Sue have ever won though they have of course made up lots of champions.

When we started showing, the JW was gained using a simpler points system. Most of the championship shows also scheduled maiden and novice classes so most people entered their puppies in at least three classes (prize money was another incentive). There were also plenty of open shows with decent classifications with the result that most of the successful youngsters of the year eventually got their JW (which wasn’t a Stud Book qualification in those days). Without looking it up I’d guess we would have had 20 or so JW winners most years.

Then it all changed, and entries dropped too. You needed to have three in a class to qualify. As under the new system you had to get some of the points at open shows, finding classes which counted towards the points wasn’t easy. The number of Pembroke winners went down dramatically, sometimes just two or three a year.

Now the system has been tweaked again, and for the first time variety class wins also count. Hopefully achieving a JW will now be a more realistic proposition for more good Pembroke youngsters.

Back to Discover Dogs and as usual Joy Whitehead organised the breed’s coverage there. Sadly, owing to her husband’s and her own health, she wasn’t able actually to be there this year - our best wishes go to both Joy and Terry. And our thanks go to her and to the team of volunteers and I’m grateful to the indefatigable Kevin Egan for news of the event.

He says “The breed stand volunteers (all WCL members) in attendance on Saturday were: Cynthia and Andy Brown with two reds; Karen and Kevin Egan with two reds; Kerry Schmidt and nine-year-old junior handler daughter Lara with one red; and Carolyn and Henry Tuck with three reds.

"Sunday, Babs and Wally Aylott with two tris and one red.

“We were fortunate that our London, Herts and Middlesex membership reach (and therefore providing easy access to ExCel) enabled a fully managed breed stand capability for the opening day of Discover Dogs. For two of our new participants, Carolyn and Kerry, they rose to the occasion and were most enthusiastic team participants! As we all know this is a team event and it was great to have their tireless energies at our disposal.

"On Sunday, although slightly fewer in number, the crowds were no less enthusiastic. Babs and Wally dealt with the enquirers while I was on hand with leaflets and business cards. The Aylotts had been busy over the weekend having attended the Builth Wells show the previous day and drove another 200 miles to be with us bright and early!

"It is also curious to note how much more knowledgeable our visitors are these days in terms of how to feed, how to exercise and how to care for their new dogs when they eventually find one.

“There were many new genuine breed enquirers that would appreciate our help find a Corgi. Most enquiries were from young families and young couples. Expressions of interest were made in attending various future League events as guests.

“This event was massively busy on Saturday from 11am through to 1pm; even at 4pm there were still repeat visitors whom we had met much earlier!

“Topics of discussion: things that most people asked…

“How do we go about finding a Corgi?

first use the KC online facility and check the UK regional map for availability

attend WCL shows and social events to network among breeders and pet owners

get back in touch with regional WCL section secretaries after the show

“What are the main characteristics of a Corgi?

They are healthy, intelligent and of good temperament. A great house dog and good with kids.

“What if I cannot get to the organised show and social events?

This was mainly from young families and couples in the London and south-east area.

Answer: send in your details and we will try to organise a Sunday Corgi walk at a park near you!

“Conclusion: A superb opportunity for breed promotion as we are obviously already aware. Over 80 League business cards were handed out plus printed flyers only to those enquiring about buying a Corgi!

“Bring on the next show!” Thanks Kevin and all who participated..

Postal entries close today, and online entries on Oct 21 for the last show to be run by the Devon and Cornwall Welsh Corgi Club, which is on November 2 at Willand Village Hall, judged by Derek Allsop (Sandmel Rough Collies). Schedules from…/2019-11-02_DCWCC_sched.pdf

As you know, as from January the club will amalgamate with the West of England Corgi Association.

This made me think about some of the characters of the breed in those two counties, which for many years were strong in Pems in quantity and quality. Best known would have been the wonderful Maureen Johnston of the Rivona kennel, owner of the great Ch Penmoel Such Fun of Rivona (one of the major influences on the breed over the past 30 years) and breeder or owner of other significant champions at home or abroad including Ch Bannalyne Royal Edition of R, Ch R Twice The Fun and Ch R Minerva, plus lots who were influential in the US, Australia etc.

It was great that Maureen could be interviewed, not long before her death, for Michael Joseph Gross’ super Vogue article on the royal Corgis, proving that her wit and sense of humour were just the same as we all remembered.

I never met Lilian Roskruge of the Tehidybartons but she bred some good winners including her Ch T Sabreshula, and I do remember Margaret Cole handling Lilian’s Ch T Falaise Blackbird. Then there was Ch Gwithian of Tehidybarton, bred by Pauline Eberle just over the Dorset border and owned by Pearl Osborn (St Breaca) who also had homebred Ch St B Sea Melody.

Sally Lenthall (Vennwoods) was a stalwart of the club. She didn’t do much showing but bred some super Pems including Ch V Black Coffee of Ashbarton and several who were influential in the US.

Doris Mason (Revelmere) moved house so often that it was hard to keep track of her but I think she was in Devon at the time she had Ch/NZ Ch R Cock A Hoop who is in many pedigrees at home and abroad.

Margaret Cholmondeley (Pendogett) bred and co-owned Ch P Prelude while Vivienne Coker, who I believe died not so long ago, bred and owned Ch Foredowne Quixotic.

In earlier years the mother and daughter Glovers had Ch Dronlows Dancing Lady. Have there been any other Pembroke UK champions bred or owned in these two counties?

In recent times we must thank the May family who have kept the club going. I’m sure that it and the West of England will flourish under their new joint identity.

I see next year’s EuroCorgi will be hosted by Hungary on May 16 and 17. Pem judge at EuroCorgi is Leif-Herman Wilberg (Siggen) and at the club show on the second day, Alan Matthews (Craigycor).


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