In memory of Stuart

With a heavy heart I have to record the death of Stuart Magness who has been an integral part of the Corgi scene for almost 50 years. It is impossible to think of Pemland and all that it has contributed to the Pembroke scene without mentioning both Stuart and Mary. Mary handled the dogs in the ring but they were a true partnership in every way and all our sympathy will go to Mary and their daughter Linda who helped look after the dogs when necessary. My own memory of them both goes back to when this keen young couple, at about the same time as my mother and myself, were starting in the breed in the very early '70s. It didn't take them long to make a mark with Pemland Dancing Princess and by the time the great Pemland Royal Command began to prove himself as an exceptional sire it was clear that here was a kennel to be reckoned with in the long term. As well as supporting Mary in every way possible, caravanning at many of the summer shows, Stuart made his own presence felt on the administrative side. He was an outstanding steward, eventually becoming one of Crufts' group stewards, and served on the League committee for many years. He also played an important role in the progress of Bath championship show which has become one of Britain's greatest showpiece dog shows. His judging appointments included the breed at Crufts and I know how much he enjoyed his overseas appointments in the US, Russia and elsewhere. His and Mary's hospitality from their caravan or hotel room was legendary as many a hangover can testify. Lots of us have cause to be grateful to both Stuart and Mary in so many ways. The last few years haven't been kind to Stuart yet he has battled on with amazing courage and resilience. We all send Mary and family our love and sympathy.

The funeral is on Tuesday May 22 at 2pm at South Oxfordshire Crematorium and Memorial Park, Garford, Abingdon OX13 5PA. If you have any queries please contact Linda on 0755 351 7253.


The Welsh Corgi League