Honouring the 2018 CC winners

Pembrokes had 29 sets of CCs of offer during 2018 (one more than in previous years, with the extra set granted to the first EuroCorgi show to be held in the UK). Once again our top winner will of course be Ch Pemcader Thunderball, a bobtail bred and owned by Kevin Dover and Lars Saether, by Ch Pemcader Belroyd Zeus ex Pemcader Black Glamour. He is number one for the breed in the Our Dog/Arden Grange table for the fourth time, and will no doubt also have won the League’s Leslie Perrins Trophy (for the third time). Although not so often shown as in the past two years, he won 11 more CCs, all with best of breed, to bring his total to 53. With his first CC of the year he broke the long standing record for dog CC winners, previously held by his ancestor Ch Olantigh Black Diamond. He won the three major awards of the year, BOB at Crufts under Sarah Taylor (his second such win), BIS at the League’s 80th birthday show judged by Amanda Rees (his third top spot at the WCL) and BOB at the EuroCorgi under Vicki Sandage, going on to BIS from Carole Smedley. He added another group win (W/P Breeds of Wales under Britt-Marie Young) to his total (which included earlier all-breed and group show BIS), plus two group 2 awards. Three males won three CC apiece. Sarah Taylor and Diana King’s homebred Ch Oregonian Snow Tiger (Ch Nireno Luke Skywalker ex Oregonian Snow Queen) brought his total to seven, was twice BOB and won the group at Windsor under Robin Newhouse. At nine years old, Mary Davies tricolour Ch/Rus/Ukr Ch Ermyn Snow Knight (Ch/Am Ch Rosewood Set Sail to Salvenik ex Wharrytons Pansy Potter at Ermyn), took three CCs, two with BOB, and a group 4, and now has ten CCs. Although the dog CCs have been more spread out this year, there has still been only one new male champion crowned this year. This was Tracy and Kath Irving’s Ch Born To Be Your Salt Dog at Twinan, the first UK Pem champion to be bred in Hungary. His breeders are Alexandra Trefán-Török and Sándor Trefán, a first UK champion Pem for them though they have bred a UK titled Rough Collie. He is by Hung/Rom/Greek/Mac Ch Born To Be Your Spartacus di Pi Et Ra ex Int/Rom Ch Twinan Colour Me Red. He won three CCs, one with BOB, took the group at Belfast under Richard Kinsey, and also took a G2. Must be quite a while since we had three different group winners in one year. That leaves nine males with a single CC. Warren Bradley and Victor Malzoni’s tri Andvol Marrakesh won his second CC with BOB and a G4. For Mr Malzoni, from Brazil, that was his first UK CC with a Pem though he has won lots with other breeds, terriers especially. Marrakesh was bred in Russia by Marina Volkova and Mikhail Andriyanov, by Rus/Lat/Ukr Ch Salvenik Sail Away ex Int/Rus/Blr Ch Siggen’s Quality Black Pearl. Also taking a second CC plus BOB was Chris and Nicki Blance, Bill Shelton and Steve Leyerly’s Penliath Spanner In The Worx (from the AI litter bred by Chris and Nicki by Am Ch Ninacorte Chicago Hope ex Coventry Dancing With The Stars for Penliath). Alan and Wendy Rees’ homebred Stadwen Figaro (Ch Stadwen Spartakus ex Stadwen Prima Donna) won a first CC with BOB, as did Tracy and Kath Irving’s homebred Twinan Life’s A Blast (Twinan Dip Yer Butty ex Ch Creslow Classified at Twinan) and an Italian visitor, Vittoria Valsecchi’s homebred tri Int/It/Cro Ch Wallfugh Ink for Nireno Picture (Int/It/Slo Ch Beaudy ex Nireno Charme Bracelet), a first UK CC for his owner/breeder. Other single CC winners were: Lorraine Weedall and Nicola Bogue’s homebred Ch Bronabay Cannonball (Ch Pemcader Belroyd Zeus ex Ch Bronabay Cherish The Moment), his eighth. Kim Warner’s tri Meitza Erik The King (Ch Pemcader Thunderball ex Meitza Goldust), a first CC for his owner and the first Pem CC winner bred by Fiona Miller and Mike Haslam. Elizabeth Cuthbert’s Salvenik Share The Wish for Triella (Ch/Am Ch Rosewood Set Sail to Salvenik ex Salvenik Star Performer), his second, bred by Teresa Maddox. Ena Ellwood’s homebred bobtail tri Ellhar Maksimos (Ch Salvenik Set To Star ex Ellhar Encantada), his second. Although not a CC winner, Hilary and Ray Wyer’s homebred Cottivy Skyfall (Ir Ch Chawton Dream Maker ex Cottivy Maggie May) won a G3. On to the bitches and here there were five new champions. The top winner was Alan and Wendy Rees’ new Ch Stadwen Tinkerbell (litter sister to Figaro, by Ch Stadwen Spartakus ex Stadwen Prima Donna) who won six CCs plus one BOB. New Ch Coventry Sky Full Of Stars (Am GCh Martindale Black Bart ex Am Ch Coventry Born This Way) won four CCs, including EuroCorgi, and three BOB. She is owned by Linda Roberts with Beckie Williams from the US, and was bred in the US by Bill Shelton, Steve Leyerly, Beckie Williams and Deborah Salow, a first UK champion for the Coventry team. Barry and Sue Coulson’s homebred Ch Woodhenge Star Xtravaganza too three CCs, taking her total seven, one of th se coming at the League show. She is by Ch/Ir/Int Ch Craigycor Lightning Bolt ex Ch Woodhenge Star Maiden. Also on three CCs (one of them at Crufts) was new Ch Penliath Sent To Coventry, bred by Chris and Nicki Blance and co-owned with Bill Shelton and Beckie Williams from the US, the first UK champion owned by Bill. She is another from the litter by Am Ch Ninacorte Chicago Hope ex Coventry Dancing With The Stars at Penliath. Karen Newton’s homebred tri Ch Corland Solitaire (Nebriowa Skidaddle ex Pemcader Picture Puzzle) won two CCs, both with BOB, to complete her title, a first champion for her owner-breeder. Also with two CCs to become a champion was Ch Craigycor Campsie Princess (Ch/Ir Ch Whitepoint Dream Weaver at Craigycor ex Ch/Ir/Int Ch Craigycor Viva La Diva), owned by Linda and Wilie Preston and bred by Alan and Sarah Matthews. She took one BOB and is the second UK champion from this litter which also included Lightning Bolt. Tracy and Kath Irving’s homebred minor puppy Twinan Tight Squeeze won two CCs in two days. She is by Twinan Dip Yer Butty ex Debsanna’s Promises Twinan. Barry and Sue Coulson’s homebred bobtail Woodhenge Storm Princess (Ch Pemcader Thunderball ex Woodhenge Moon Maiden) took one CC with BOB. The following bitches took a single CC: Amanda Rees’ homebred Ch Stadwen Florence (Ch Stadwen Silly Billy ex Ch Stadwen Floria), her ninth. Chris and Nicki Blance’s homebred Ch Penlitah All About Eve (Penliath With a Twist ex Penliath Vanilla Fudge), also her ninth. And it was another ninth CC for Mary Davies’ tri Ch Vuedor Black Pearl of Ermyn, bred by Joy Williams by Ch/Rus/Ukr Ch Ermyn Snow Knight ex Vuedor Carless Whisper. Alan and Sarah Matthews’ homebred Ir Ch Craigycor Dynamo (Ch/Ir/Int Ch Craigycor Lighning Bolt ex Craigycor Betty Boop). Amanda Rees’ Australian import Aus Ch Jopearl First Noelle at Breconmohr for Stadwen (Am G/Aus Ch Hum’nbird Rock Your Socks ex Aus Ch Jopearl A Little Night Music), bred by Joanne McCann. Ena Ellwood’s minor puppy Salvenik Silk Rose for Ellhar (Redfordhill Magic Moments to Salvenik ex Bertley Autumnal Rose with Salvenik), bred by Teresa Maddox. Several kennels had especially exciting seasons. The Stadwen team between them won CCs with four Pems, making one a champion. Three are homebred. Penliath won CCs with three, all homebred, including a new champion. The Coventry team between them co-owned three CC winners, one homebred, and made up two champions, one homebred. Twinan had three CC winners including a new champion, the other two homebred. Woodhenge won CCs with two, both homebred. Ermyn won CCs with two, one homebred. Craigycor had a homebred CC winner and bred a new champion. Ellhar won CCs with two, one homebred. Salvenik bred two CC winners. Warren Bradley, Victor Malzoni and Sarah Taylor also won CCs in other breeds and the Twinans had several top awards in Jack Russells. Thunderball won CCs himself and sired Erik The King and Storm Princess. Zeus sired two CC winners as did Spartakus, Set Sail, Dip Yer Butty, Chicago Hope and Lightning Bolt. Snow Knight won himself and sired a CC winner (and is behind some more). Prima Donna and Dancing With The Stars were dams of two CC winners. Males won BOB 21 times; bitches eight. Twinan did the double at both shows on the Irish weekend, under Sigurd Wilberg and Debbie Stansbury. Any errors or omissions, please let me know! SIMON PARSONS

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