Within the next couple of days members will have received their Xmas edition of OCW.

For UK members I have enclosed voting forms for the 2019 Executive Committee.

As well as ten current committee members standing for re-election, We have 5 new nominees, resumes of four are included with your voting form. I was unable to add the fifth person so below are all five resumes.

Please use your entitlement to vote for your Executive Committee as this is your voice within the League

Cerys Davies

In 1975, when I was 5 years old, our first corgi joined the family. I was encouraged to start showing her and that’s where it all began under my parents’ prefix of Brynheulog. As a teenager I was bought my own corgi and was given my own prefix of Ceranda. I was encouraged by the established corgi breeders to start stewarding and getting involved with the running of shows. I was also supported with my foundation lines and was given valuable advice.

Over the years I have bred a Champion and several CC and RCC winners.

During my teenage years I joined the committee of The Welsh Corgi Club and a it was then I started my judging career.

I awarded my first set of CC’s in 2000 and have judged all over the UK.

I have also judged the breed at Championship show level in Russia and New Zealand.

I have been Secretary of The Welsh Corgi Club since 2013.

I also am currently The Breed Education Co-ordinator. This challenging role was created by the Kennel Club and commenced in 2017. I am thoroughly enjoying the experience of helping people along their judging journey and would welcome the opportunity to serve as a member of the Executive Committee.

Kim Warner

I am new to the wonderful Corgi breed and the world of showing, but in the short time I have been involved, I have developed a genuine passion for the breed and have endeavoured to be a proficient, enthusiastic exhibitor.

I am a member of several corgi clubs and recently joined the committee of the West of England Corgi Association. I undertook my first appointment as a Ring Steward at the recent WECA Championship Show and this offered me additional insight into the organisation, rules and etiquette of showing.

Whilst I cannot claim to have extensive corgi-related experience, I have in the past taken up officer posts on several voluntary/charitable organisation committees, including Pony/Riding Clubs and local/county level posts within the Young Farmers’ Organisation. In my professional life I worked at Senior Management level and that also provided me with relevant experience and challenges!

It is my sincere wish to make a positive contribution to the development and success of this thoroughly addictive breed and I would be honoured to be a member of the Welsh Corgi League Committee.

Nicki Blance

I have been showing and breeding dogs with my parents since I was 5years old beginning with Rottweilers and the progressing to the beloved Pembroke Corgis along with, in later years Cardigan Corgis, Norfolk terriers and Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen.

I have given CCs in Pembroke Corgis for the past 18years and have been privileged enough to judge several American Pembroke Corgi specialities.

I served on the West of England Corgi Association committee for many years as the Treasurer giving up due to long work commitments at the time. I have worked for 8years as an Accountant in Advertising Agencies until I joined the Pedigree Breeder Service in 2002 as a Breeder Manager for the South East. I then moved my career path to a sales representative servicing Independent pet stores and wholesalers for another major pet food manufacturer.

I truly believe we have a great breed and as a collective group of passionate people we can move the Welsh Corgi League forward into modern times and make our club as good, if not better than it once was by all working together for the good of our club and breed.

If elected to the Welsh corgi League Executive committee I will work hard for the members and help to ensure our club goes from strength to strength.

Hilary Wyer

I have owned Pembroke Corgis for nearly 12 years and have owned other dogs all my life. I took up showing our first corgi and have enjoyed and supported most shows since then. I am currently serving on the Southern Section Committee as Cup Secretary and am Secretary of the South East Corgi Association. I have during the past couple of years attended as many seminars on the breed and Show Management. I have also taken my first steps in judging the breed. I’m enthusiastic and hardworking whatever the task and would welcome the opportunity to serve on the Executive Committee.

Julia Alexander

I have been involved with dogs all my life, as a child, I spent every moment I could on my grandparent’s farm developing my love of the Border Collie. However, it was not considered an appropriate breed for a family pet so at the age of 7, I was given my first dog a Pembroke Corgi Wendy. At the age of 18, I joined a local club and tried my hand at obedience. I had by then been bitten by the obedience bug and so returned to my first breed the Border Collie.

I am at present in partnership in the Locheil Kennel with Heather Turner and have produced several Border Collie Show Champions.

The first club I became involved in was St Mary’s Dog Training Society, which held an open and a championship show each year.

I am one of the original founders of the North East Border Collie Club and during the last 12 years have held several posts, stepping in to any role when needed.

In recent years I have reflected on my time with the Pembroke Corgi and have been fortunate to meet Mary Davies who allowed me to have two of her Pembroke puppies. Under her guidance I have once again become hooked on this wonderful breed.

I am currently serving on the Pennine & Yorkshire Welsh Corgi Assoc. and would welcome the opportunity to contribute to the Welsh Corgi League as an Executive Committee member.


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