EuroCorgi goes to Austria

In July, August and September there were 144 registrations from 29 litters plus eight imports. This compares with 144 for the same quarter of last year. The total so far for 2018 is 436 (348 for the same period last year). Just five of the litters carry affixes familiar in the show ring, a much lower proportion than usual. A lot of them have the Kennel Club’s latest generic affix, Kenaiteen. Two were born by elective caesar, four by emergency caesar. Two were bred by Assured Breeders. One bobtail pup is listed. The imports come from Russia (to Ermyn), Hungary (to Twinan), US (to Troutop, the BP winner at Eurocorgi), Australia (to Stadwen, a champion who has already won a CC), Denmark (to Salvenik) and three from Ireland (one to Craigycor and one to Willinda). Strangely, the third Irish import, from parents whose names aren’t familiar to me, is registered as ‘colour not recognised by KC’. I expect that this is simply a matter of differing terminology between the Irish KC and KC colour lists rather than some of sort of weird fad colour, hope so anyway. We all know of the huge numbers of non-Standard colours being bred, and registered, in breeds like Frenchies and Pugs – it’s not something we want or need in Corgis. There are two exports, to Hungary. With the release next year of the animated film entitled The Queen’s Corgi demand for the breed is no doubt likely to increase even more. Perhaps this might be a good time for us all to think about the implications, especially in view of the above figures. I won’t say any more here as I know my thoughts don’t coincide with those of some of you, but surely we do need to have a strategy in mind which reflects reality, rather than how we might ideally like things to be. Next year’s Eurocorgi show will be held in Austria on June 14 at the Hotel Stockinger, 4052 Ansfelden-Kremsdorf. Judges are Kevin Dover (Pemcader, Pems) and Thelma Taylor (Tamlin, Cardis). Room rates are 85 euros (single), 134 euros (double), dogs 8 euros. Contact, quoting Eurocorgi. The following day, just 15 minutes away, is the European Dog Show, judges Sarah Taylor (Bymil/Oregonian, Pems) and Barrie Croft (Malcro OES, Cardis). And you can have a third bite of the cherry on June 16 at the Austrian Winner Show where Liz Cartledge (Ryslip) will do both breeds. There is a Eurocorgishow 2019 Facebook page or contact Edith Soltesz for more details. SIMON PARSONS

The Welsh Corgi League