Updated: Aug 26, 2018

JUDGE: Ms V Sandage DVM (USA)

DCC: Ch. Pemcader Thunderball (Nbt)* BCC: Coventry Sky Full Of Stars (Imp Usa)

RDCC: Ch. Bronabay Trooping The colour JW

RBCC: Balt/Dkk CH. Je-Suis-Kylie-Minogue Des Contamines Fr Jun Ch. [Atc AS02141Fra]

BEST PUPPY: Crescent Hill Brynlea Moon Glow (Imp Usa)

BEST VETERAN: Ch. Bronabay Trooping The Colour JW

MPD: 3. 1. Towernaglen Buster Moon At Craigycor 2. Zydahayes Sir Bruce 3. Barawood Pandoro At Giradellis

PD: 3. 1. Crescent Hill Brynlea Moon Glow (Imp Usa) 2. Bronabay Illuminations 3. Twinan Life's A Blast

JD: 6. 1. Meitza Erik The King 2. Aberlee Follow That Dream [Atc AU02492AUS] 3. Woodhenge Star Agent For Pendrell (Nbt)

YD: 4. 1. IR Ch Craigycor Viva Las Vegas 2. Penliath Spanner In The Worx (AI) 3. Siggens Domino [Atc AV01257NOR]

PGD: 8. 1. Ermyn Knight Of the Realm 2. Nireno Hob Nob 3. Towernaglen Red Dragon With Ceranda

LD: 7. 1. Ryslip Suprise Packet At Troutop 2. Merthyr Wanda-Win the Toss for Ryslip (Imp Nz)

3. Born To Be Your Salt Dog At Twinan (Imp Hun)

OD: 11. 1. Ch. Pemcader Thunderball (Nbt) 2. Ch Oregonian Snow Tiger 3. Oregonian Snow Leopard JW

VD: 8.1. Ch. Bronabay Trooping The ColourJW 2. Ch. Rus/UkrCh. Ermyn Snow Knight (Re Imp Rus) 3. Ch Oregonian Raise An Eyebrow

MPB: 6. 1. Salvenik Scarlet Rose 2. Twinan Tight Squeeze 3.Haresfoot Cora (Nbt)

PB: 3. 1. Salvenik Summer Rosebud 2. Clairmar Red Bracken 3. Nesden Stob Dearg

JB: 13(3) 1. Coventry Sky Full Of Stars (Imp Usa) 2. Academia Canis Whisper [Atc AV01667POL]

3. Ermyn Dreams Allowed

YB: 16(3) 1. Rus Ch. Style Life Yum-yum Rus Jnr Ch[Atc 01600RUS] 2. Aust Ch. Jopearl First Noelle At Breconmohr At Stadwen (Imp Aus) 3. Academia Canis Whisper [Atc AV01667POL]

PGB: 12 (4) 1. Twinan Dipped in A Dream Over Huntsville 2. Bertly Firefly Over Dewiscor

3. Ceranda Ocean Breeze

LB: 12(3) 1. Corland Solitaire 2. Vuedor Breeze On Bye 3. Elessar Designer Cover

OB: 18( 2) (WD2) 1. Balt/Dkk CH. Je-Suis-Kylie-Minogue Des Contamines Fr Jun Ch. [Atc AS02141Fra] 2. Aus Sup Ch. Bojojamile Behind The News [Atc AT02425AUS] 3. No/Se/Sf/Dk Ch. Siggens Queen Of Diamonds [Atc AQ00728NOR]

VB: 14(4) 1. Ch. Vuedor Black Pearl At Ermyn 2. Oregonian Raise A Laugh 3. Ryslip Black velvet


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