Bath Championship Show 27th May 2018

Best of Breed: Coventry Sky Full of Stars (imp USA)

Best Puppy: 4833

Best Veteran: 4817

DCC: Ch Bronabay Cannonball JW

RDCC: Penlaith Spanner in the Worx (ai)

BCC: Coventry Sky Full of Stars (imp USA) RBCC: Ch Woodhenge Star Extravaganza

Best Puppy Dog: Corland Nighthawk Best Puppy Bitch: Salvenik Summer Rosebud

MPD: 1st: Corland Nighthawk 2nd: Bronabay Illuminations 3rd: Barawood Pandora at Giradellis

PD: 1st: Bronabay Illuminations 2nd: Haresfoot Cora

JD: 1st: Meitza Erik The King

ND: 1st: Bronabay Illuminations 2nd: Balletcor Godric Gryffindor for Horcrux

PGD: 1st: Towernaglen Red Dragon with Cerenda 2nd: Meitza Erik The King 3rd: Duke of Kurdal at Dewiscor Res: Ryslip Thriller VHC: Balletcor Morning Symphony at Amenbury

LD: 1st: Penlaith Spanner in the Worx (ai) 2nd: Cottivy Skyfall 3rd: Redfordhill Magic Moments to Salvenik (JW) Res: Barwal Blazing Desert VHC: Haresfood Zebedee

OD: 1st: Ch Bonabay Cannonball JW

SB (Dog or Bitch): 1st: Meitza Erik The King

MPB: 1st: Haresfoot Cora 2nd: Barawood Spirito Libero 3rd: Bertley Red Start

PB: 1st: Salvenik Summer Rosebud

JB: 1st: Coventry Sky Full of Stars (imp USA) 2nd: Cottivy Twelth Night 3rd: Cottonfields Antipodean 4th: Beevix Best Bee Loved

NB: 1st: Salvenik Summer Rosebud 2nd: Bertley Firefly over Dewiscor

PGB: 1st: Barawood Summer Solace 2nd: Ermyn Chasing Rainbows 3rd: Ryslip the Only One 4th: Bertley Firefly over Dewiscor

LB: 1st: Whitebarn Sea shell 2nd: Corland Solataire 3rd: Barwal Brave Tara

OB: 1st: Ch Woodhenge Star Extravaganza 2nd: Chiliabomwe Flaming Katie 3rd: Brisam Mokka at Cottivy Res: Ch Bertley Summer Rose with Salvenik JW

VB: 1st: Cottonfields Black Eye’d Pea 2nd: Ch Brynlluan Wind Runner to Kulla 3rd: Barwal Belle

It started a very wet morning in the Corgi ring with torrential rain, thunder and lightning. It all cleared up toward the end of the Bitch classes allowing the photo of the winners to be taken outside on a rather damp outdoor ring. Apologies if there are any error in the results! Let me know if there are!



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