A first for an Australian Pembroke

Liz Cartledge (Ryslip), who is of course both a leading all-rounder and a breed specialist, was our judge at National Working and Pastoral Breeds and another piece of breed history was made when Amanda Rees’ Aus Ch Jopearl First Noelle at Breconmohr for Stadwen took her third CC to become the first UK Pembroke champion born in Australia, a happy day I’m sure also for her breeders Joanne McCann (a second-generation Pem breeder) and John Burgess.

(Ch Nireno Luke Skywalker was also bred by an Australian breeder, Caron McGregor, but was conceived in the US and born in the UK.) Noelle comes from a mating of first cousins, and combines American and New Zealand lines, with a touch of Australian and UK. She is by US-bred Aus Ch/Am GCh Hum’nbird Rock Your Socks (Am GCh Hum’nbird Groundhog Day ex Am Ch Hum’nbird Ice Lily) ex Aus Ch Jopearl A Little Night Music (by NZ-bred Aus Sup/NZ Ch Dwynella Skye Walker ex US-bred Aus Sup Ch Hum’nbird Water Music). Groundhog Day and Water Music are siblings, by the famous stud dog Am GCh Heartsong Brynlea Pavarotti ex Am Ch Hum’nbiird Sail Away (by Am Ch Rosewood Smooth Sailing ex Am Ch Hun’nbird Icing On The Cake, a daughter of NZ-bred Merthyr Oliver Nutherone and Am Ch Hum’nbird Holiday On Ice). Ice Lily is by Am Ch Hun’nbird Ice My Cake (by Am/Aus Ch Pinemeade English Leather, a son of UK export Am Ch Poldamerik Time And Again, and also ex Icing On The Cake) ex Am Ch Hun’nbird Wood Lily (a granddaughter of Oliver Nutherone). Skye Walker continues the cosmopolitan theme, being by US-bred Am/Can Ch Sandyshire’s The Phantom (by UK-bred Am/Can Ch Blaizewood Hooray Henry ex a daughter of UK-bred Am Ch Belroyd Seabird), ex NZ Ch Dwynella Lucy In The Sky (Aus/Am Ch Dwynella Royale Footman, by UK-bred Ch/NZ Ch Salvenik Super Chance) ex Australian-bred Aus/NZ Ch Aberlee Phantasia). The tail male line goes back through multi-titled Ch Maplecreek Montgomery (who later came to the UK) to Australian dogs and thence to Ch Blaizewood Crackerjack of Kilvewood. The female line traces to the foundation bitch of Carrie Chase’s Hum’nbird kennel Am Ch Beaukays Double Delight and then via Larchmont and Larklain bitches back to Pinetrees Red Peony, a UK export of the 1950s who was a daughter of CC winning Pantyblaidd Gino. Noelle won her first CC at City of Birmingham last year under Kevin Young and her second a few weeks ago from Jeff Horswell at Southern Counties. This time Liz made her BOB and she went on to G4 under Keith Baldwin, the second group placer this year for the Stadwens. DCC was a twelfth for Mary Davies’ tri Ch/Rus/Ukr Ch Ermyn Snow Knight (Ch/Am Ch Rosewood Set Sail to Salvenik ex Wharrytons Pansy Potter at Ermyn). He’s ten years old and was once again BV. Runner-up in dogs went to Italian visitor Vittoria Valsecchi with Int/Cro/Slo Ch Wallfugh Ink To Nireno Picture (one CC, It Ch Beaudy ex Nireno Charm Bracelet) and her and Luca’s trip was made even more worthwhile when they went BP with his daughter Wallfugh Its A Kind Of Magic (ex Nireno Bluegrass of Kippen). Barry and Sue Coulson took the RBCC with Ch Woodhenge Star Xtravaganza (Ch/Ir Ch Craigycor Lightning Bolt ex Ch Woodhenge Star Maiden). Ryslip Hobnob was fourth in the minor puppy bitch stakes under Tim Ball and Elessar Royal Salute third in the puppy dog stakes. Some good open show news comes from Becky May whose Barawood Pandora at Giradellis (incidentally another son of the Dutch-bred dog Beaudy) won BOB, the group and RBIS at Stithians Agricultural Association open show in Cornwall, judge Laurie Hunt. Meanwhile the League’s East Anglian sub-section has the East of England Ladies’ Kennel Society event as its open show and BOB here under Derek Keates (Hadassah) was Kim Warner’s CC-winning tri Meitza Erik The King. The sub-section’s summer party is on Sunday July 28 at Stanningfield Village Hall, Church Road, Stanningfield, Suffolk IP29 4RE starting at noon. Lunch, Corgi fun and games, a quiz, raffle and agility are on offer. Cost is £6 (£3.50 children). Please let Joanna Hayward (Jo Millar) know you are going. Sad to hear of the death of Derry Krause (Gayheart’s) in the US, a long-standing enthusiast of the breed in the Potomac club’s area. She was the kindest of people. Many years ago she had a bitch from my mother and I won’t forget her generosity in letting me take this one into the ring the very first time I visited the States, back in 1984 at the American Kennel Club’s spectacular bi-centennial show in Philadelphia. We have had another surge! The dramatic nature of the Kennel Club’s announcements regarding registration figures for the breed always amuses me. This is their latest: “The popularity of the endangered Cardigan Welsh Corgi and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi has soared ahead of the release of The Queen’s Corgi tomorrow (5 July). “Statistics from the Kennel Club show that registrations of both types of Corgi puppies, the Queen’s favourite breed and star of the newly released film, increased by 25 per cent in the first quarter of this year compared to the same period in 2018. “Last year saw the highest registrations of Pembroke Welsh Corgis in ten years. This spike follows decades of decline for both Corgi breeds, which the Kennel Club have been monitoring closely for fear that they could soon become vulnerable. “The peaks and troughs of Corgi popularity can be traced alongside the Queen’s reign – in 1944 when Susan, the Queen’s very first Pembroke Corgi, was born, the breed jumped by 56 per cent in popularity. Numbers steadily increased; Pembroke Corgis enjoyed their heyday in 1960, seven years after the Queen’s coronation when nearly 9,000 puppies were registered. Following this ‘crowning glory’, the breed’s popularity plummeted, dropping to just 1,806 registrations 20 years later. “In 2009, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi was added to the Kennel Club’s ‘At Watch’ list, which identifies breeds that number between 300 and 450 registrations annually. Those that number fewer than 300 annual puppy registrations are included in the Kennel Club’s ‘Vulnerable Native Breeds’ list, which the Pembroke Welsh Corgi was added to once, in 2014, with just 274 registrations that year. However, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi came off the Kennel Club’s list of ‘At Risk’ breeds at the beginning of 2018 for the first time in over ten years after it featured in the popular Netflix television series, The Crown. Pembroke Corgi puppy registrations increased by 16 per cent in 2017 after the first season aired, and 47 per cent in 2018 following the much-anticipated second season. “Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: ‘Sadly dog breeds go in and out of fashion, so after a long period of worrying decline for the Corgi breeds it is reassuring to see an increase in numbers. “‘When Netflix series The Crown, featuring a young Queen and her dogs, aired on TV, undoubtedly the breed’s profile started to rise, and this is looking likely to continue with the release of The Queen’s Corgi. “‘This kind of exposure can help to bring some of our much-loved breeds which are at risk of extinction back to the attention of the public and ensure they don’t just consider the obvious or popular breeds when buying a puppy. Of course, nobody should be buying a dog simply because they’ve seen them on TV; thorough, extensive and responsible research should drive any decision to ensure the breed is right for you.’ “For more information on finding the right breed for your lifestyle visit www.thekennelclub.org.uk/find-a-breed" My own suspicion is that the demand for and interest in Pembroke remains pretty constant. There does seem to be an increase in the numbers being bred though the the majority are not bred by people from the show fraternity. Anyway let’s hope that the film passes people by. Have any of you seen it? SIMON PARSONS

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