90 years of CCs for Pembrokes

Another busy few days for keen Pembroke exhibitors with two championship shows in two days, a breed open show, two new champion bitches and remarkable success for a golden oldie. Starting with South Wales KA at Builth and I suspect few present realised it was a landmark in breed history as it was at this society’s show 90 years ago that Welsh Corgis (one breed) were awarded challenge certificates for the first time. The winners were two just six-month-old Pembroke puppies, Fairmay Fondo and Shan Fach. We must all remember to have a big party at South Wales in ten years’ time! This year’s winners will all be descended many times over from Shan Fach who became the first ever Corgi champion, though not from her tricolour brother who died young before winning his third CC. Our judge was Barrie Croft (Malcro Old English Sheepdogs) and BOB and an eighth CC went to Mary Davies’ tri Ch/Rus/Ukr Ch Ermyn Snow Knight (Ch/Am Ch Rosewood Set Sail to Salvenik ex Wharrytons Pansy Potter at Ermyn). ‘Benji’ was nine years old in January and I well recall him winning his first CC as a minor puppy at this venue at WKC 2009. He then had a stay in Eastern Europe before returning home to complete his title and more, going on to a great veteran career reminiscent of his great-grandsire Ch Ermyn Wing And A Prayer. On this occasion he progressed to G4 under Robin Searle. The bitch CC award resulted in an addition to the many champion bitches bred and owned by Nicki and Chris Blance in the shape of the tri Penliath Sent To Coventry. She is co-owned with Bill Shelton and Beckie Williams of the Coventry kennel in the US, the first UK champion Bill has owned but they are of course co-breeders, and Beckie a co-owner, of another of this year’s champion bitches Coventry Sky Full Of Stars. . She is litter sister to CC winner Penliath Spanner In The Worx (RDCC today) and RCC winner P Sent From Coventry, sired by Am Ch Ninacorte Chicago Hope ex Coventry Dancing With The Stars for Penliath. RBCC and BP went to the heroine of the previous weekend, Tracy and Kath Irving’s Twinan Tight Squeeze (Twinan Dip Yer Butty ex Debsanna’s Promises Twinan), winner of both BCCs at the Northern Irish shows, and this time she was Mark Cocozza’s choice as PG3. After the judging the Cambria breed club held its open show judged by Mike Vincent (Sylbecq Schipperkes and Smooth Collies). After the judging the Cambria breed club held its open show judged by Mike Vincent (Sylbecq Schipperkes and Smooth Collies). BOB was Alan and Wendy Rees’ Stadwen Figaro (Ch Stadwen Spartakus ex Stadwen Prima Donna), RBD and RBOB Teresa Maddox’s Redfordhill Magic Moments to Salvenik (Dan Ch Mistycor Once Upon A Dream ex Dan Ch Vuedor Could It Be Magic) and BB Lynne Creech’s Zydahayes Jitterbug (Brisam The Juke ex Cottivy Tiny Dancer at Zydahayes) BP was Becky and Diane May’s Barawood Pandoro at Giredellis (Int Ch Beaudy ex Barawood Soul Singer). The following day saw the West of England breed club hold its championship show 92 miles away at Weston-Super-Mare. Would be interesting to know if exhibitors like this arrangement or would prefer the shows on separate weekends. Our judge was Fiona Miller of the Meitza Pems and Bullmastiffs and Snow Knight did it again with his ninth CC plus best veteran. Reserve was his grandson, Sarah Taylor and Diana King’s Ch Oregonian Snow Tiger (Ch Nireno Luke Skywalker ex Oregonian Snow Queen). Another tricolour bitch champion was crowned when Corland Solitaire won her third CC. I’m sure there will have been lots of jubilation as she is the first champion for her owner/breeder Karen Newton, and at her local club show too. She is by Nebriowa Skidaddle ex Pemcader Picture Puzzle and proves that you don’t have to have been exhibiting for decades before enjoying top level success. I will give more details of both new champions, and of last week’s dog champion Salty, in a separate post so this one doesn’t get too unwieldy. Alan and Wendy Rees’ Ch Stadwen Tinkerbell (Ch Stadwen Spartacus ex Stadwen Prima Donna) won the RCC and BP was Teresa Maddox’s Salvenik Scarlet Rose (Redfordhill Magic Moments to Salvenik ex Bertley Autumnal Rose with Salvenik). The Pems won all the in-show awards under Margaret Riley (Retmari). Our sympathy to Ally Boughton (Rossacre) on the death of her husband John. Diane May’s funeral is on Monday October 15 at 3pm at Treswithian Downs Crematorium, Camborne. Next step in our comparison of the UK and US Pembroke Standards is the coat and here we have another discrepancy. Our version reads: “Medium length, straight with dense undercoat, never soft, wavy or wiry.” The American Standard is much more wordy and says: “Medium length; short, thick, weather-resistant undercoat with a coarser, longer outer coat. Over-all length varies, with slightly thicker and longer ruff around the neck, chest and on the shoulders. The body coat lies flat. Hair is slightly longer on back of forelegs and underparts and somewhat fuller and longer on rear of hindquarters. The coat is preferably straight, but some waviness is permitted. “This breed has a shedding coat, and seasonal lack of undercoat should not be too severely penalized, providing the hair is glossy, healthy and well groomed. A wiry, tightly marcelled coat is very faulty, as is an overly short, smooth and thin coat. “Very Serious Fault - Fluffies - a coat of extreme length with exaggerated feathering on ears, chest, legs and feet, underparts and hindquarters. Trimming such a coat does not make it any more acceptable. The Corgi should be shown in its natural condition, with no trimming permitted except to tidy the feet, and, if desired, remove the whiskers.” The Americans make some important points sadly missing from our very brief description, in particular the need for the coat to be weather-resistant, the slight ruff, the fact that the coat length varies on different parts of the body, recognition that seasonal shedding should not be too heavily penalised, and the fact that trimming is not allowed (though to what extent the latter is observed in reality is another story!). The contradiction concerns waviness, which is a ‘never’ in Britain but ‘some’ is permitted in the US. Of course a clever groomer can disguise a degree of waviness, and in practice a very slight wave on the back is hardly considered the end of the world in the UK. We know that UK Standards concentrate on what is the ideal, rather than what is considered faulty. However I think it’s a bit strange that our coat clause says ‘never soft, wavy or wiry’ but doesn’t specifically mention fluffies, which are obviously a total no-no in the show ring. The Americans do specify this as a ‘very serious fault’. Can’t help feeling that the British Standard could benefit by being rather more detailed where coats are concerned. In reality there is quite a wide range of equally acceptable coat lengths regularly seen in the ring and perhaps it’s worth emphasizing that ‘glamour’ is not a Standard requirement and that the closer, slightly shorter coats are just as correct, possibly even more so, as long as they have the required undercoat. Heavy rain, by no means unknown in Pembrokeshire, should never be able to penetrate a correct coat, and mud should be able to dry off easily. SIMON PARSONS


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