Participate in the fun and competitive dog sport of Agility with your Corgi


Agility is FUN and a brilliant way to bond with your corgi as well as keeping it (and you) fit. 

Whether you want to do it just for fun or competitively, it is sensible to go to a recognised trainer. Some clubs have specialised puppy training, but no dog can compete before it is 18 months old. And Corgis shouldn’t start agility training until at least 1 year old. 

For those interested in competing, the agility world is a very friendly one and it is a level playing field, the dog who goes clear in the fastest time wins! The dogs have to be measured twice to establish what height they come under – there are 4 heights and Corgis come under small. The measuring usually takes place at competitions and the dog then gets a booklet with information and pages to record achievements.

There are 7 levels, with level 1 being for dogs and handlers who have never won and then progressing up to level 7.  There is also the option of working towards Agility warrants.

Trainers, competitions and lots more information can be found on the web.

To compete in Kennel Club registered Agility competitions your Corgi needs to be on the Kennel Club's Breed Register or Activity Register

More detailed information, competition dates and entry forms can be found at the links below.

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